TGI a three day weekend!

August 30th, 2013

Parenting is hard. I’m not proud of myself for how I lost my cool last night.

Eva threw a FIT about having to take a bath. I mean, screaming bloody mary. And I am lenient on baths. I give them baths every other day and sometimes we go a few days. My girls are just not kids that roll around in the dirt and I think until they hit puberty, it’s just not worth the fight. Because, believe me, they fight me on it.

I do make them put fresh underwear on every day, FYI.

Anyway. I very hurriedly got her out of the bath but told her we HAVE TO brush her hair. I offered a sucker, I offered to let her watch Woody Woodpecker, I would have done anything. I just wanted to get the tangles out.

Her hair is a major source of stress for both of us. She HATES having it brushed. She cries. I don’t want to make her cry. I feel miserable seeing her so unhappy. But her hair practically forms dreadlocks every night. She has the most beautiful long, blonde, curls, but every morning she wakes up looking like Bob Marley.

So, anyway, more screaming and crying and trying to run away from me. She just threw a fit. And then I threw a fit.

I feel so guilty about it. She did tell me I could brush her hair then. But I didn’t even want to anymore.

We went to bed on good terms, but I’m still feeling guilty about getting so angry at her.

Then later that night began the nightly ritual of everyone helping themselves to my glass of water. Eva took a big swig of my water, then spit it back in the cup. Then my cat Maude, preceded to take a drink, and then push it over, so she could just drink it off the carpet. Ugh.

Being the mom is hard.

So, on that bright note, at least it’s now the three-day weekend. We are going to soothe ourselves with some sunshine, swimming, ice cream … and maybe get Eva a hair cut.




To blog or not to blog

August 29th, 2013

I have been thinking about blogging lately.

I sort of have this burning desire to write something and a journal seems a little less fun because unlike a blog, there’s no chance of connecting with someone, or at least, sharing your life with family and friends.

However sometimes I just feel really private. I don’t feel like sharing anything with anyone. And I don’t even know what I want to say.

Today I’m feeling inspired for some reason though. Maybe it’s because I just ran into a friend, I just ate a free lunch, and I just ran into an old teacher, who even said I looked skinny! Wow, this is my day. Also, I drank about a half a pot of coffee this morning.

So whatever reason, I decided to pull up the old blog today, that I have been ignoring for months. And I had two sweet comments waiting for approval. One told me to keep blogging and the other said they enjoyed my writing. That’s really good to hear. I mean, if I need a sign to point me one way, that’s a good one, right?

Anyway, my favorite author Anne Lamott says writers should write regularly, whether you feel like it or not, whether you think it’s good or not. So anyway … hello again.

Ella’s sixth birthday

April 20th, 2013

Well this about a month after the fact, but better late than never right?

For Ella’s birthday, at her request, we had a party at our house, and had a balloon artist and face painter come. Steve and I were hoping for a magician, but strangely she didn’t want that!

I think we can say we have run the gamut now on birthday themes … we have had a dress-up party, It’s Funtime (local play place) party, an ice cream sundae party, a movie theatre party …

I think we may revisit the dress-up party for Eva this December too. She loves dress up and we already have the clothes.
















We love to make our own cupcakes. And I think I’ve finally mastered using the frosting bag without getting frosting everywhere.










Ella picked out a simple craft – foam boards for all the kids and markers and stickers to decorate with.










Our balloon artist and face painter were busy the entire hour they were at our house. Glad we hired both of them!


I love my minivan!

April 19th, 2013

So after months, maybe even a year, of thinking about our next vehicle, we finally decided on the Honda Odyssey. Maybe it was mostly me obsessing, but it was a big decision. I drove our last car for about 9 years. The one before I had for 5. I keep my cars around for a while.

I think we made the right one too.

It’s used but it’s a 2011 so I love the newer design of the outside (that’s when the Odyssey went to a new exterior design)

And dual temperature controls – Steve and I will never fight over my cold toes on a car trip again.

Not to mention the navigation, blue tooth … leather seats. Beats the heck out of my cd player, which was the biggest bonus on my last vehicle.


















The kids love it too! Eva can easily get in and out – in fact she loves to push the button to close the door, then buckles herself in her seat. This is a new skill she has acquired since getting the van.

Ella does too and I’m sure she’ll love it even more when we are able to fit a friend or cousin in the car with us …

So, yeah, I’m a dorky minivan driver now, but I love it.



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