Nothing inparticular

July 30th, 2008

OK, there’s a writing prompt today by She Likes Purple called “I wouldn’t say it was my best idea…,” but as my sister said “I could write a whole book on that!” I’m a little overwhelmed and can’t really begin to narrow down the stories from my life that fall under that category. So, anyway, I’m going to not address the topic now, but maybe later on I’ll find the inspiration.

I think I’m starting to get insomnia. It’s the wierdest thing. The last two nights I tried desperately to go to bed at a reasonable hour – to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep, and no luck. I was up to midnight both nights. Really strange. I usually get off my “schedule” over the weekend, but by Tuesdays I’m usually so exhausted I could just about go to bed right after I eat my early bird dinner. Anyway, I’m avoiding an afternoon coffee latte and instead am having a chai tea latte. I know it still has caffeine, but a lot less. We’ll see.

Today’s one of those days where I’ve been thrown a couple loops (hope I got that one right) at work and am trying to juggle a lot. That’s where the latte comes in. I’m working on getting focus and conquering that list next.

I still have no cell phone and I keep wondering if my friend is coming for the weekend. I sure hope so. We have a girls night out planned … really just dinner out, but that’s fun! No cooking. Getting dressed up. Catching up with my sisters. Sounds awesome.

And tonight I’m getting an overdue haircut. I missed my last one because I was sick. And my hair is so homely and dreadful I just want to tell her to cut it all off. I need something short or modern to get me out of this funk!

OK, well, I hope you enjoyed this post about nothing.

Piddling around

July 28th, 2008

I feel like I haven’t blogged for a while. I actually sat down to blog a few times this weekend, but then stopped to enjoy some pure laziness.

It was a really good weekend, kinda a good mix of doing enough stuff to not be bored, but not too much that I was too busy. Know what I mean?

Friday night I went to dinner with my SIL, and nephew Grant, my mom and Ella. We had lovely time at O’Charley’s or Old Charley’s as Grant calls it. Afterward we all played at my house, including, Sara, Marc and kids. It was fun. Remind me not to give kids markers while they’re playing on the deck though. Just not sure if that comes out.

Saturday Ella and I just piddled (that’s a word right?) around the house, then took our weekend trip to Wal-mart, where she was a little angel baby and when we arrived home, Daddy was home from his jaunt to Ann Arbor to see his buddy Paul. We just piddled more around the house before having dinner and then I took off to help at work for a few hours.

I think Ella has turned a really good corner on toddlerhood (that’s a word too right?). No longer is she

A. Throwing fits at the grocery store

B. Attacking other children ( a little poking, but not really mean poking)


C. Getting mad when I change her diaper

It’s great. She just really seems so content and easy going lately. She seems to have slowed down a little too. I’ve also noticed her shoes are all tight all the sudden! This little girl is growing up FAST.

And now we’ve just spent a great day at the zoo with our friendly neighbor and neighbor boys. We saw many of the animals, did the train ride, the kids played in the two wading ponds and played in the model train. It was very good day at the zoo. And the kids were so good!

Oh, I nearly forgot that on Sunday, my angel mother watched Ella for several hours while we saw the new Will Ferrell movie and ate at Munchie’s. The movie was really funny. But it was a little awkward because two small children were sitting in front of us and there was a LOT of cussing, and some nudity. I kept thinking, oh great, Ella’s going to go to school with kids that see R-rated movies and they’re going to tell her all about it. Really, it was not a kids movie. There was one really raunchy scene. That’s all I’ll say.

OK, well, it’s nap time, and since so many of my friends have blogs now, it’s really cutting into TV time, so I better go see what I’m behind on before my big girl awakes.

P.S. Still no


July 25th, 2008

Somewhere between a Wal-mart trip Wednesday afternoon and going to work Thursday morning I seem to have lost about $90 and my cellphone.

First I only realized the money was gone. And that totally stinks. I thought I was really on the ball getting out money early for the sitter. Uugh. So that will cost me double this week.

Then I realized I haven’t seen my phone either. I keep both in the front of my purse. My purse which I realized was left open in my unlocked car, parked OUTSIDE of my garage all night. Terrific idea, I know. I had groceries and Ella to bring in Wednesday night and once inside and distracted by a hungry baby, dinner to make and dishes to do, I never returned to bring my purse in. And recently my husband decided to store a pile of wood on my side of the garage, so until he gets around to that, I’m parking outside. Bad idea, it turns out.

It’s entirely possible this stuff fell out of my purse. If I bend over just so and the zipper’s undone I have dropped a few things out from time to time. But, how could I not notice my phone and a big wad of cash falling?

I also hate to say it, but part of me wonders if the neighborhood boys that have opened our gate, come in our yard and egged our home (3 times), and also thrown rocks in our yard could have possibly spotted the stuff and taken it?

That’s an awful thought. I just am feeling helpless without my phone. I would call my friend and talk to her. But I don’t know her number. It’s stored in my phone. Uuggh.

OK, just had to vent. Will try moving on with my life now.

Sweet and sour

July 24th, 2008

What a difference an extra hour of sleep makes. For Ella at least. she went to bed early last night (7:30) and woke up in a great mood this morning. She talked (in her own secret language) the entire trip to the sitter’s this morning.

I, on the other hand, went to bed at my normal hour (normal for elderly, young children and me): at 9 p.m. But today, yet again, it was all I could do to drag myself out of bed. And I hit snooze as long as I possibly could. Right up to the point where I only had 20 minutes to get both Ella and I ready to go. Not a lot of time.

So as I got myself ready I propped up Miss Cheerful in bed with daddy and gave her a fruit breakfast bar, a banana, milk, put her bib on her and turned on her favorite PBS show. She was so sweet. She just happily ate away.

She hasn’t been entirely sweet lately though. The other night I watched my sister’s kids for a few hours – with help from my husband. One too many times Ella pushed Finn and took his toy. So the time-outs begun.

I’m so torn on the whole discipline thing. Part of me thinks she’s too young, and that seems to be the gist of the Internet philosophy out there, but then I also think kids are individuals and she really may get it and I need to do what I can to make her STOP beating on other children! I could go on and on about that, but there’s other happy things to think about.

1. My dear friend is having a baby GIRL, as she found out yesterday. I figure I’m not really breaking the news because her husband has posted his own blog about it here.

2. My BIL is in recovery from having his spleen removed. Hope you feel better soon Matt.

3. My girlfriend’s daughter, Emma, who’s 7 years old, has started a blog. And it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever read. Check it out here.

And now I’m way too tired to think of a clever way to wrap this up.

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