The most random post ever

November 14th, 2008

I really don’t have time to post, but I really need a little breather. And something that just happened at work made us all cry a little and now I’m a little unfocused.

My coworker’s anniversary is today. My coworker, whose husband died unexpectedly last month. She was doing really good. She and another coworker and I went out for tacos for lunch. She carried a cute orange purse, her husband’s favorite color. She bought it yesterday as an anniversary gift from him. Then a while ago she was delivered a vase of orange daisies. With a note, saying Caroline (what he called her), you will always be loved. From her family. Very sweet. But, wow, that has to be hard.

Anyway, on a happier note. The other day on the way home, I asked Ella a very serious question. “How did you get so cute?” I said. And she smiled and said, “Daddy!” Of course he loved it.

I’m very glad it’s the weekend. My BIL Dan is coming, which is great. We haven’t seen him in a while. And we get to have my nephew over for the night, which we’re really excited about. We have all sorts of fun things planned. And we’ll be hanging out with my sister and Finn and Lon. Good times.

We’re also excited about a project Dan’s working on for us. We’ve commissioned him to make a table for Ella. He’s never done it, but he works with wood and he’s super handy, so we have confidence in him. I really hope it will be possible to have little cubbies for crayons and things, a chalkboard surface and maybe even a paper roller … Will be a great Christmas present.

Here’s a really cute one I got the ideas from …

OK, back to work.

This is so me

November 12th, 2008

I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on.
Beryl Pfizer

I’m sure Michael Jordan wasn’t focused either when he was 4

November 11th, 2008

I atttended my nephew’s first pee wee basketball game this weekend. It was hilarious. As coach Nate (his dad, my brother) said it best “His head just wasn’t in the game.” While the game was going Grant ran and jumped trying to touch the net, a few times he slid on his knees, he came over and talked to his mom on the sidelines, once he stopped and gave Ella a hug … all during the game. Guess it’s still hard to keep focused when you’ve just turned 4. It was reallly cute though. And he’s the little guy out there. These are 4-6-year-old and Grant just turned 4. it was really cute when Grant was set up to block a little girl that was about half a foot taller. I’m so mad I forgot my camera that day. I’ll make up for it this weekend.

What else did I do this weekend? Worked my monthly Saturday night shift, did heaps of laundry, storytime at library. The usual. By last night I was so tired from picking up and cooking and grocery shopping and laundry … I’m not sure I’m ever going to get around to cleaning my bathrooms again.

I have been doing some excersizes at home. They’re basically yoga poses without the deep breathing and meditation (who has time for that?). And it’s really cute because Ella does a lot them with me. I just mentioned downward dog yesterday and she actually did it. But she was in a playful mood yesterday so she mostly just messed with me. During some of the excersizes she would set something on my head to really test my balance, I guess. And a few times she climbed onto my back, wanting a horsey ride. It was really funny. She thought so too. My back doesn’t feel so good today though.

I also talked to my good friend Kara and heard all the fun details about her life as a new mom, and the exciting details of the birth! Read it here if you’re interested. She’s a tough girl. She was out raking when she went into labor. And she was going to even drive herself to the hospital! She wasn’t so sure it was really labor, luckily a friend helped her out since her hubby was out of town …

Anyway. Now it’s time for me to focus.

Not IN the potty, but near the potty

November 7th, 2008

Last night it occurred to me that it had been several hours since Ella had a diaper change. I sorta felt it to see if it had that full, gushy feeling. A little bit. So I took it off and the next thing I knew Ella was racing away, saying “potty.”

This is my chance, I thought. I led her to the bathroom where a small Winnie the Pooh potty chair sits next to the real one. I bought it a few weeks ago with the hopes of introducing it to her and letting her get used to the idea of it.

So, I pulled her pants back down and she sat right down on her potty. Just then Steve came down and Ella abruptly got up and closed the door. We laughed at the notion that she wanted privacy.

Then we heard her talking but could tell it wasn’t from the corner where her potty sits. I opened the door and redirected her back on to her potty. I closed the door again.

Then we heard it. The distinct sound of tinkling. My husband and I’s eyes both got big as we surely had the same proud thought. Our baby was peeing in the potty.

So, I waited until she was done and opened the door. And there she was, standing, pants around her ankles, over a puddle of pee on the floor. D’oh!

Oh well. To me it’s progress. She knew what she was there to do. And she did it. She just needs to know exactly WHERE to do it.

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