I really hope I find that gamepiece

January 22nd, 2009

I have several topics I could post about this week so I’m just going to give some brief bullets of my items.

1. Ella’s flu was short-lived Monday night, but we had a strange reoccurance last night that may be related. Sorry if this is too much information by the way … We were playing the game Cooties when all the sudden I noticed she had kinda a painful look on her face and was kinda making a licksmacking noise. I quickly panicked that she had put one of the little pieces in her mouth and swallowed it. So I reached into her mouth and swept my finger all around. The next thing I knew she threw up all over. I searched the contents and didn’t see any gamepiece. So, part of me wonders if she just was feeling sick. Wouldn’t that gamepiece have come out? So, I’m still nervous about that and am going to search more for the one missing gamepiece tonight. Although I think it was already missing. At least it is very small and not sharp or anything … so I’m not sure there is much we can do.

2. We got new carpet. I love it. It makes the living room so much nicer. But to our surprise it looks totally GREEN. But it looks great. At nightime it becomes the beige color it appeared to be in the store. Sunlight can really change the way colors look. So, I’m thinking Lowes needs to move their carpet section over by the windows. We did, however, already break the carpet in with an unfortunate accident. See bullet item #1.

3. LOVE my new schedule. Had plenty of time to do all sorts of stuff with Ella: library, mall playplace and carousel, Target … wash lots of pukey laundry. And I managed to get quite a bit of work done during naps. And now only two more days until next 5 days off. Love it.

It could be worse, seriously

January 20th, 2009

Well, the weekend was a real tossup. It’s hard to say if it was good or bad. I mean I had a really good time staying at my parents house with Ella and my nephew (my hubby was out of town so we had a sleepover) but my nephew ended up sick, throwing up half the night.

Then I got a call from my husband at 6:15 a.m Sunday. Anytime he’s up at 6:15 a.m I know it’s not a good thing. He is not a morning person. And when I realized I’d missed four calls from him … double gulp. So I rang him up in New Orleans, where he was for a work conference.

His news? “I got mugged,” he told me, sounding more annoyed than anything. Oh my gosh! Luckily he is fine. The group (yes, six of them) pretended to have a gun and took his cash and bank cards. Luckily they weren’t violent and they were so dumb they waited hours to make most attempts at our bank account. By that time those cards were canceled. The whole thing is very disturbing, to say the least, but I’m just glad it wasn’t a lot worse.

And here I am today, coming off a very nice day with Ella. She was in such a good mood all day. We went to the great downtown library and played with other kids and had a fun lunch at McDonalds. But the afternoon took a bad turn right after her nap. She started throwing up. And didn’t stop until about 6:30 p.m. Poor baby. She finally is asleep now and I’m praying it’s a short-lived flu — it was very quick for my nephew.

So, yeah, it was a good weekend, minus the puking and mugging.

Congratulations Karly and Jose

January 16th, 2009

Samuel Paul Corona was born today ON his due date to our friends Karly and Jose. Karly had just talked about what a small percentage of babies are born on their due date the day before on her blog. And being the super blogger she is there are already photos up on her site here – OK, maybe Jose posted them, anyway, congratulations guys!

Miss Independent

January 15th, 2009

Ella got a stool recently to help with her new toothbrushing habbit of spitting every 2 seconds. And she LOVES the stool. She spends a lot of time on her stool. She’s so excited when I say its time to brush teeth or wash hands.

The past few days though she’s gotten a new attitude about her stool. She’s decided she no longer needs any help now that she has it. So she keeps an eye on me, making sure I’m not following her to the bathroom. If I take one step closer to the bathroom she will come back and give me a shove, reminding me I am not needed on this mission.

Then she’ll come out, and proudly show off her clean hands (although her face is usually still quite a mess). Pretty cool, I guess. I can just say “Go wash your hands.” And she does! With excitement. Nice and easy on my part.

But today she took her independence to a new level. As soon as she got unbundled at the babysitter’s she gave me the obligatory kiss and hug, then a little shove toward the door! As if she was saying “You can go now.”

So, she’s not quite 2 and she’s ready for some indepenence. What are the teen years going to be like? Oh well, I’m sure tonight when she wants to read books and watch Dora and have a sucker she’ll remember she needs a little help from mommy still …

Please don’t disturb me while I’m on my stool.

Off. On. Off. On. Off. On ….

Happy times.

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