Sick as a dog

May 16th, 2009

I’m still sick. I left work early Friday and thought for sure after some rest Friday I’d wake up Saturday a new person. Nope, feel worse.

It’s like I have a cold, sinus infection and flu all at once. Ugh. I don’t remember feeling so bad, and of course it’s my Saturday night to work.

So, I’m taking it real easy today. Steve’s been good to me too. Taking care of Ella, bringing me saltines and tylenol. And I think he’s going on about 4 hours of sleep.

And unfortunately we (hey, I’m sick, that’s my excuse) let Ella go without a diaper for too long today and she didn’t make it to the potty. And it wasn’t just a #1 either. She followed it up by a repeat performance on the potty, but Steve said it was so gross that he’s going to burn his eyes out later and cut his hands off after cleaning it up. Poor Steve. Not really shaping up to be his best day. Or mine for that matter.

Anyway, I just wanted to complain a little about my state today. Oh well, at least Steve’s home to take care of us. I just hope the house isn’t ruined by the time I feel better.

Oh, the drama

May 15th, 2009

I’ve been up since 4 a.m. with a throat so sore I can hardly swallow and a head stuffed full of … well, I won’t go there. Anyway, a popsicle, an ice water, a few sore throat lozenges later and now I am totally sick and awake. I do feel a little better actually.

I watched the reunion show of the Real Housewives of New York and I couldn’t believe how heated it was. Those women had a lot of confrontation this year. I wonder if they are still friends off camera. I think some of them are, but I’m not sure some of them would speak if they didn’t have to.

Anyway, I was thinking about how much drama there is in women’s relationships. People have always told me that when you have a daughter – be prepared – there is going to be drama. Hurt feelings and high emotions.

I see it in my own relationships too. Just the other day I heard someone was saying something about me that made me think she doesn’t like me. Now I’m torn whether to keep being really nice to her as I thought I was, or to give her a cold shoulder as she’s acted toward me. And now without even trying – we’re going to have a complicated relationship. See, drama. What would a guy do? Confront that person? Ignore that person?

Oh well, not everyone has to like me … but I don’t want the drama. Well I think I’ll go watch a funny show now. Too much “realty” tv for this girl.

A quick post for my sisters

May 12th, 2009

I’m at work and I have a TON to do, but I’ve just gone through many things on my checklist and the next thing is a bit of an organizing nightmare, so I think I’ll take this timeout to clear my head and blog a little. Besides I know my sisters are just dying for me to talk about their mad kickball skills they portrayed on Mother’s Day.

What a busy weekend. Dinner out Friday night with the family – sister Emily (she’s not a nun I’m just trying eliminate words, but now I’m defeating that purpose, huh?) came to town so we all went out. Nice restaurant but note to self: 2-year-old + late dinner +scenic outdoors = no sitting down.

The next day we checked out the Fiber Festival at Solamon Farm. I love Solamon Farm. It’s just such a beautiful area and they’re all about animals and nature and organic produce and products so it’s really nice. And they did hayrides and had crafts and storytelling, and sheep, and baby lambs and goats and alpacas. The only drawback: It was FREAZING. What’s up Indiana? Just thought you’d mix it up a little since we were getting comfortable with the three days of rain then three days of sun mix we’ve been getting every week?

Saturday night we sisters and BIL Marc had a nice dinner out at Casa. Yum. And I was so ready for a toddler-free meal. No offense Ella.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and to celebrate we had a lovely party at sister Sara’s with all kinds of great food and the weather was BEAUTIFUL this time, hence the mad kickball skills. Yes, someone suggested we play kickball – and I think it was mainly for the kids, but for some reason none of them were really interested. But once we got playing, it was on! Emily was catching balls in the outfield like nobody’s business. And Sara got some really good kicking in. (I do remember her screaming in the outfield once when a ball came at her though.) And although my kicking wasn’t great, I wasn’t a bad first baseman and even remember making a double play early on. (My BIL may say I cheated, but I think he’s just bitter.)

It was pretty funny how into it we were. There was a little trash talk and by the end the guys were so into it, every ball was being kicked into homerun area and we girls were getting a little bit schooled. And my dad did knock my sister down once to make a catch! Ha ha. She laughed forever about that. So it was really fun. And apparently a really good workout because I was so SORE the next day.

Also, Steve and Ella gave me a fabulous salad bowl for Mother’s Day. It’s so pretty I want to make salads every night. And even though Ella and Steve went shopping together for it, Ella still shouted “What is it?!! What is it?!!!” as I opened it, so it was a nice surprise for us both.

Some of Ella’s odd habits

May 7th, 2009

1. Ella starts singing “Happy Birthday” randomly. She sings lots of songs, Twinkle, Twinkle, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, but I really wouldn’t think she has heard the “Happy Birthday” song enough times to remember it well and think of it. When I ask her whose birthday it is she always says “mine!” Is she trying to get another party?

2. She tries to say the ABC’s and she always throws in the word “poopie.” For example. “ABCDEF … Poopie” I’m trying to convince her that poopie is not a letter.

3. She insists every morning that she is a big girl and she does not want to take her favorite blankie downstairs, but ten minutes later she insists that I go up to get it for her so she can hold it and watch Dora. Does she have my bad memory? Or does she think I need more exercise?

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