What does a girl have to do to get an H1N1 shot?

October 21st, 2009

Yes, I know I know, H1N1 can be very severe in pregant women and several have died from it. Everytime I turn on the TV I hear this information. And I keep hearing of local students getting it, a kid from my mom’s group has it … Yet after waiting and waiting for my ob/gyn office to have it, they don’t have enough and I’m not getting one. Maybe I’ll get in on the next round. Nice.

And to top it off, Ella hasn’t gotten her regular flu or H1N1 shot either. I hear her doctor’s office doesn’t have any available appointment until late November so I’m hoping something else will come up where she can get hers …


October 21st, 2009

The good news is I have a new desk to put my laptop and our tray of bills/paperwork on. It’s the little $55 one I posted a photo of, and it’s great. Sure it’s not some high-quality piece of furniture I’ll have forever, but for around $50 if it gets me through the next year, I’ll feel good about that. And I managed to get the thing home, unload it, bring it in the house and assemble it all by myself. (I used Ella’s wagon to get it into the living room – it is way too heavy for an 8-month-pregnant woman to carry.)

I also have done a lot of cleaning around here this week – the bathrooms mainly. The toilets were long overdue. I’m trying to avoid chemical cleaners during my pregnancy, but I don’t really think filthy toilets are really the best health practice either. So something had to give. And I cleaned out our shed. Then carried every ride-on toy, bike and toy into it for the winter. And I did some cleaning of the garage. I guess all this stuff that’s been building up finally annoyed me to the point where I took care of it all.

The bad news is that Ella did not take a nap today and hopefully that is the reason that she turned into demon child tonight at dinner. UNSTOPPABLE SCREAMING AND CRYING. Once, because I wouldn’t let her sit in a booth with her 5-year-old cousin and once because I would not leave her in the bathroom by herself. Nothing worked to stop this crying. Not counting to 3. Not timeouts. Not scary mommy voice. Not threats of no candy.

So yeah, I’m exhausted. No more organizing or shed cleaning or desk assembly or storytime or walks with Ella tomorrow. We’re resting. And there will definitely be a nap, possibly for both of us.

Little things excite me, like swaptree

October 19th, 2009

I just initiated my first trade at swaptree.com. If you’ve never heard of this site, it’s a place where you can trade items such as books, music, movies and games.

I had about six newer books I had just thrown in my “garage sale” box when I remembered someone telling me about this. And I don’t know about everyone else, but I never seem to make much money or even sell many books at garage sales. I’d much rather have some new books to read myself …

Anyway, this is how it worked so far: I entered the ISBN code on my books, listed the condition they were in and a list of over 800 possible trades came up. Apparently you can not only make a list of things you have but you can also make a want list – so these things that came up were all from people who want one of the books I have. I must have some good ones!

So now I’m waiting on the other person to agree to the trade. I actually got to pick from a couple different people. But this person was closer, in Ohio. and has done more trades, therefore I thought he/she would be more reliable. Hopefully they’ll want to do the trade with a new person!

OK, so I’m a dork. And by the way, if you’re curious I am getting The Doctor’s Wife by Elizabeth Brundage for trading Marly and Me by John Grogan.

Ready for change

October 19th, 2009

It’s another Monday and the last two weeks I’ve put in some extra hours at work for various reasons, so I’m happy to be at home this week … until Thursday at least.

We were going to go to park today, and it would have been a nice day to, but Ella wasn’t interested for some reason. She did seem interested when I mentioned pumpkins and farmers market though … so we took a little trip to a nearby market. And I probably bought way too much produce considering Steve’s gone part of this week. I’m going to have to make an effort to cook a lot this week!

So, anyway we have a lot of stuff coming up around here that I’m looking forward to.

  1. A girls shopping trip, in which I hope to get a lot of Christmas shopping done and possibly sleep in – that probably won’t happen again for a long, long time, so I better enjoy it.
  2. We’re building a wall in our house. I may have mentioned this before, but maybe not. We have an extremely open house and with Steve working home full time in an upstairs loft, and me working only part-time and home with soon-to-be two children, it just doesn’t work. So, I’m really excited about the freedom this will give me. No more quiet times during conference calls! Or throughout the day for that matter. And no more loud tv coming from downstairs or upstairs!
  3. Along with the wall comes other good things … we hope to have some built in cabinets to store all Steve’s junk lovely collectibles. And we also hope to have a few extra cabinets in the hallway, which means more storage. I’m already having to buy vacuum bags to store linens, and with another child we are going to be hurting for storage.
  4. We’ll also be moving some things from the living room to the office. An aquarium and an overstuffed chair hopefully. This will mean I could get a little desk for the living room and instead of sitting at the kitchen counter with my laptop and papers I could have a permanent little home for my mac. That would be awesome. And I would also love some bookshelves for the living room …

Here’s a desk at Ikea that would be really cute if IKEA offered shipping! Or wasn’t 4 HOURS away.

And here’s a cute desk at Target I may just have to run out and get, because it’s only $55 this week … and you know I’m going to need a cute lamp, a cute chair and some cute office containers to go with it.

And now I hear someone yelling about pee on their dresser … so daydreaming is over.

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