An awesome and lazy Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2009

I was very thankful this year that Thanksgiving was really easy. Don’t forget that I have a toothache, and I may be carrying a 9 lb baby in my womb. OK, probably 5 lbs right now, but it feels like 9.

Anyway, my sister hosted, so I had to only travel about .2 miles to the big dinner.

She even gave me the easy assignments like the veggie tray and green bean casserole.

And while we were there, Ella was completely entertained by her cousins and the myriad of toys and bikes in the basement. It was the easiest holiday yet with having a kid. She’s finally at an age where I’m not worried all the time and she’s happy just being with other kids. But, I know, I know, next year, it won’t be so easy, because I’ll have another ONE-YEAR-OLD. Just let me have my moment here. Next year I won’t feel like I have a bowling ball resting on my bladder either, so hopefully I’ll be up for the challenge.

Anyway, it was a great day of eating awesome food and being with family and relaxing. A perfect Thanksgiving.

Ella was really happy to discover cousin London’s princess dress collection this year.

I’m not ready!

November 25th, 2009

Today I had a quick doctor appointment and found out that:

A. Baby is in good position. Head down. This is great news. I hope to not have to have a c-section. I read that 30% of births are now c-sections so I always have that worry, and if the baby were breech, I’d have to. But hopefully, she’ll stay there.

B. I’m 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. You may or may not know what this means. If you do, you probably have kids. If you don’t, I’ll spare you the gory details. But it all means that my body is getting ready. Crazy.

C. Baby’s heartbeat was 130. Slower than normal. The nurse practicioner thought she was asleep.

Anyway, now my appointments are every week, so this is when it really starts to get exciting. And I’m ready in some ways, but really not in others! At home, the nursery is fully prepared with clean clothes, diapers and supplies and my Christmas shopping is basically done. Although I have some wrapping left to do But at work … I have a lot of training and prep work to do. Next week. I better get on it!

Aches and pains

November 25th, 2009

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve gotten really tired in the third trimester. That second trimester sure fools you into thinking pregnancy is so easy! And I can handle anything!

Now I’m tired. And getting very large.

Oh well, time is going quickly. I was 35 weeks yesterday and with Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas it’s really going to fly.

But here’s the other bad news. My tooth that needed a new filling doesn’t just need a filling. I have to have a root canal. Next week.

This is very upsetting. Not only for the actual procedure, but for the toothache I’m going to have to continue to endure until next week. And the $700 it will cost out of pocket. Ugh. Being an adult really isn’t that great somtimes.

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