Good day and nights

February 8th, 2010

Ella just woke up from her nap and Eva is sleeping, but I’ll try to whip out a quick update.

Went to my sister’s work today for a visit at her new office and a quick lunch. Had a fabulous time and had fun talking to her coworkers (hi Stacy!). Stacy assured me that in just 19 years my baby should be sleeping like a log. Wow. And Ella was given all sorts of treats from people she visited, mostly candy, but one embossed seal from a man who didn’t have any. Funny. She liked it though.

Next we headed to Chic Fil A, which is great for kids with their little playroom. And hello, their chicken is delicious. And as Sara pointed out, it’s delightful how they always say “My pleasure” when serving you.

Now we’re home and I was just thinking about how the last two nights of good sleep has given me a whole new happy perspective and I am PRAYING that Eva starts sleeping good every night. Last night I was only up 1 1/2 times and the night before: 0. AWESOME. So, please cross your fingers for me.

P.S. My mom got me a vacuum for my birthday yesterday. I wanted a second one for the upstairs of my house and I am utterly thrilled about it. Is that weird? Or just sad?

What makes me feel better after rough nights with a newborn and a crabby 3-year-old?

February 6th, 2010

New shoes! I bought this Nine West pair today, but in a khaki sorta color. My only regret is that I also didn’t get a pair in black. They’re even cuter in person.

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