Baby in Crib Day 1

April 13th, 2010

I’ve decided it’s time to transition Eva into her crib. She’s almost four months old and suddenly I picture our sixteen-year-old daughter wanting to sleep in a chair next to me in our bedroom, and it’s just not right.

OK, that probably won’t happen, but habits are hard to break and boy it would be kinda nice if there weren’t FOUR human beings sleeping in our room every night.

So, my goal is to start having her take all her naps in her crib and I will work up to her sleeping the night in her crib. I actually started yesterday and put her in her crib once she was already asleep. And she napped for about 45 minutes. That was a good start.

Then this morning I tried to put her in awake. 45 minutes later and a lot of trips up and down the stairs I decided we needed to call in the big dogs. So I fed her a little more and rocked her. That did the trick.

And now we’re on nap 2 of the day. And it went pretty well. She even went into her crib awake and after cooing for awhile fell asleep!

I’m hopeful people. Very hopeful.

Sorry if this is the most boring post ever. But this is very exciting over here in my world.

A little refreshed

April 12th, 2010

Today I just wanted to crawl in a hole and sleep for an entire day. I wanted so badly to sleep in. I’ve just been dying to do that for a long time. And after taking the girls to breakfast, in which Ella nearly gave Eva a concussion, then to church, I kinda did do that. You know, as much as you can do that with two kids.

It’s a lot schlepping around two kids all the time by yourself. And doing the nightly feedings and always getting up with them in the mornings. It’s hard being the mom, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I was very close to getting in my car and getting some retail therapy, but I kept telling myself, BE LAZY. DON’T CLEAN. DON’T RUN AROUND DOING ERRANDS. And now I’m so glad. I feel a little refreshed. I’m even kinda looking forward to the week ahead. Maybe the park tomorrow. And maybe I’ll get up the nerve to go to one of the group exercise classes my gym offers. And one night we have a sitter for a few hours and we’re going for sushi.

But I guess I’ll have to keep dreaming about sleeping in. I totally get why people have baby nurses.


April 10th, 2010


April 10th, 2010

Met our friends for a fabulous playdate last week…

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