Just a few things

May 13th, 2010

I am so tired. It seems our slow push to get Eva sleeping in her crib is now in high gear. She’s just not comfortable in her bouncy seat anymore. But not quite happy in her crib either. She wakes up every few hours. I’m at the point where I’m letting her cry it out. It takes about 10-15 minutes of crying but she will fall asleep. It feels kinda mean. But hopefully she will get to where she can soothe herself a little!

Ella has been such a good big sister lately. She calls Eva eyeballs and does lots of tricks for her. She zerberted her tummy last night like a mad woman. She also has been very creative. Last night I found her in her room rearranging stars on her wall to make a roller coaster. And she created a song she sang for me last night. There was a lot of mumbling and words I couldn’t understand and then very clearly she sang “I LOVE YOU THIS BIG.” Sweet.

I worked a few extra days this week so I’m looking forward to getting back to normal next week. Plus an old friend is coming to visit and I have a facial planned … very fun.

A serious talk with a 3-year-old

May 11th, 2010

Me: Ella, if you were ever lost, let’s practice what you would say.

Ella: Uh, OK.

Me: What are your parents’ names?

Ella: Mommy and Daddy.

Me: No, what do other people call me?

Ella: Stinky.

Me: Uh, I hope not. Anyway, where do you live?

Ella: Eyeballs.

Me: You know where you live.

Ella: Indiana

Me: Well, more specifically. Where at in Indiana?

Ella: In my house.

Me: Uh, we’ll work more on this later.

What we’re up to

May 4th, 2010

I’m loving this weather. And my new windows. I have them all open right now and it is the perfect breezy temperature in here. And both kids are sleeping.

Eva has been a little fussy lately though, and she still won’t sleep in her crib. Oh well, I’m getting decent nights of sleep so it’s fine. Ella, on the other hand, has been napping again. Which makes her stay up well past 9 on many nights, but she needs her daytime rest. Oh well again. My new parenting philosophy is that if it’s not hurting any of us, it’s fine!

I started cleaning out my garage last weekend for this Friday’s garage sale. I’m so glad to get rid of some stuff. And we’ve even developed a plan to spruce up the garage with some paint this summer.

Also in the works: Steve’s having built-in shelves put in his office and I’m having curtains and shades made for the windows downstairs. I can’t wait. We’re doing so well on our house goals this year, but we still have a lot left. Like updating two of the bathrooms, the kitchen and some paintwork outside.

OK, one baby awaking and probably should wake the other …

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