What a week

February 25th, 2011

It’s been a week of ups and downs.

Hubby has been gone all week on business trip and I’m so so glad he will be home tonight. I feel for all the single moms or moms whose husbands are gone all the time. Having all the responsibility of the kids all day and night day after day is a lot.

But we had fun. We were really sick of home after Monday’s snow day, so the rest of the week we stayed really busy. I had to get my car looked at (which took an hour that I endured in a small waiting room with three men and my two girls and I hope I never have to do that again), we had Ella’s ballet class, a trip to Target, a visit to Starbucks and some playtime at the library.

It’s funny how everytime I would start to think I’m a really together mom, Ella would spill her drink, or Eva would run behind the counter at the auto place, or I would lose my parking pass at the library. Oy …

But I survived. The chocolate and wine sure helped.

*Sidenote. I love the library.

Valentine’s Day

February 15th, 2011

I had such a good day with the kids. It was just what I needed. And it was Valentine’s Day, which is kinda a fun little holiday. And with all holidays, more fun with kids.

Ella writes out each of her classmates names on her Valentines for them.

We gave everyone a few suckers with our cards.

We make daddy his favorite treat, brownies, in a festive cake pan. Try to ignore the dirty stove and focus on the love.

The girls dress a little festive for the day.

Do you know how many photos I get like this before I can get one good one?

Side note: I love that Eva is getting into her little rocking chair all the time lately to look at books. And I love how seriously she seems to be reading the book, even though it’s upside down.

I get to help at the school valentine party. Snacks, crafts and games. Preschool is fun!

Ella gets love from all the grandparents.

Eva is so happy with her v-day sucker.

And I even get some treats! Good job honey. Wine, chocolate and flowers will always make me happy.

Off and on: a rant

February 4th, 2011

Wow, am I ready for spring.

Things canceled due to weather this week: Ella’s ballet class, Ella’s preschool class and lunch bunch (she was signed up to stay and have lunch with friends after school) and my zumba class.

On top of it all, the girls seem crazy lately. Eva is so attached and clingy on me. When other people are with her she seems happy and independent. For me she whines and wants me to hold her all the time. Ella seems to be regressing too. She doesn’t want to do anything herself. And wants my complete attention 24/7.

Life is a little bit back to normal though as it is now my days to work, and already I’m getting a little figured out having this little breather from them. For starters, I broke out Ella’s old sticker chart and she was thrilled to accomplish some tasks this morning on her own – such as getting dressed. So  much nicer when she helps! As for Eva, well, she needs some time, but I’m just reminding myself that everything with kids is just a phase. And I’m sure since she acts worse for me, I’m feeding into it. So I’m going to try to not pick her up everytime she wants me to. And I’m sure she’s feeling stir crazy like me. (Note to self: take them somewhere to run this weekend!)

Aaah, last weekend was so good. We checked out the Peter Pan exhibit at the Botanical Conservatory. The girls had a lot of fun running around. Then we ate at our favorite little Vietnamese place and had some yummy noodles.

Things Ella has said in the past week

February 3rd, 2011

“You are the worst sister ever!” — to Eva after Eva tore a piece off of her artwork

“I vote no.” — after an actually really good performance by a singer on American Idol

“I’m doing a craft. There’s nothing to worry about!” — response to me asking from upstairs what she’s doing

“This is it Eva. I will not be your friend anymore.” — After Eva turned the tv on an off for the umpteenth time during Ella’s show

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