I love my new chair

March 18th, 2011

Good news: I couldn’t stand staring at my stained, faded beat-up, too-big chair and have replaced it with something much better!

Old chair: Notice all the blankets strategically placed to hide the bad spots? (Ella insisted on her flash cards being the photo.)

New chair: Much better looking. So comfy and it rocks and reclines. I love it.

I think everyone loves it.

What we’ve been up to

March 17th, 2011

It’s been a long time since I blogged. I just haven’t felt like it. Then as more and more time passes I feel less and less like it … but today I kinda missed it. And I remembered a while back how to do this nifty trick in photoshop where I can get a bunch of photos ready for a blog in a jiffy. (Did you even know I have to get the photos ready for the blog? See all the work I put into this?) Not really, but it does take a little time. So, anyway, I’ll let the photos do the talking and I will stop.

Ella bathes her many ponies regularly in the horse shower she got for Christmas. I bet you didn’t even know they made toy horse showers. I’m really teaching you all a lot today.

Ella finished her ballet class. I think her favorite part about it was the juice machine in the lobby and going to Taco Bell afterward.

Eva loves to play hide and seek. She has a real advantage with her petite stature.

Thank the lord the weather is improving. I was starting to really think moving to Florida was a good idea.

She’s just so cute I could look at her all day.

The girls put on a good dance show on a Friday night. Forget the clubs, the party is right at home!

And apparently this is what happens when I’m not at home. Found this picture on the camera.

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