Gabi and Eva

July 15th, 2011

Between my siblings and I, we have six children. Two 6-year-olds, two 4-year-olds and two 1-year-olds. We like to say they come in batches. It was always nice I had someone else in the family who was pregnant at the same time. And it’s great the kids each have a cousin their same age. But this last batch, Gabi and Eva … I think they may be the orneriest yet.

They also go to the same sitter one day a week. Not too long ago Eva swiped Gabi’s snack while she wasn’t looking. And munched on them secretly. Gabi was very unhappy.

This week Gabi threw a cup at Eva, leaving a gash on her cheek. Ella says Eva didn’t even cry. She can dish it out, but she can take it too.

They’re quite a cute batch. But look out.

Laundry, laundry and more laundry

July 13th, 2011

I don’t know how we dirtied so many clothes and things during a five-day camping trip, but I have been paying the price. I think I’ve done about 12-15 loads of laundry since we got back. I guess maybe I had a little laundry at home already to do. And maybe I was behind on washing our bed sheets and bath towels. And maybe I could rewear an outfit while I’m camping? (Honestly though, you get so dirty while camping!)

I read in a magazine the other day that housework can expand to fill any amount of time. Isnt’ that the truth? Kinda like Facebook. So, I’m cutting myself off. No more laundry this week.


July 10th, 2011

Our camping trip in Ludington was really good. It’s funny how I seem to notice how much my kids grow most when we are outside.

Eva spent a lot of time at this little swing. Getting in and out, pushing it empty while counting. She had a lot of fun this year exploring all of Grandma and Grandpa’s toys.

Ella was on a mission at this year’s art fair. She wanted a “real” ring. Recently Steve went on a business trip to Atlanta and brought her back a silver necklace with a seahorse charm. She calls it her first “real” neckace (compared to the beaded or plastic necklaces she had before) and now can not wait to collect more “real” jewelry. And she did come away with a necklace, bracelet and ring from the trip.

I loved that cousin Max took it upon himself to help Eva with his meals. What a sweet boy!

I vote 2011 as best Ludington camping weather ever. Only rained once. And our day at the beach was BEAUTIFUL. The only non-perfect thing was all the dead fish on the shores that week. I guess that occasionally happens.

We went to fireworks early this year to walk the breakwall to the lighthouse. We only made it halfway before the kids wanted to turn around, but still glad we did.

And of course there was lots of time sitting around visiting and eating good food. Thanks for everything Bryan and Shirley!

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