More NY

August 27th, 2011

I promised more photos, so here they are:

We stopped for a snack at the Moma (Museum of Modern Art) cafe. I had a root beer float. With homemade vanilla gelato and and all natural root beer. NY never lets me down.

John Lennon was shot at the door of this building, The Dakota, which overlooks Strawberry Fields. So sad. Yoko still has a place there.

So surreal to see this famous statue in real life.

Steve took a lot of pictures of me. I will not be showing you the one of me going to town on a Haagan Daas ice cream cone immediately after this boat cruise.

This is Schermerhorn Row. I presume it was named after my famous ancestors who loved to shop.

Goodbye NY! I will return to see you someday!

I miss you NY

August 26th, 2011

Sure glad my trip wasn’t a few weeks later, hurriane Irene seems like it’s going to be nasty! Hope all those New Yorkers stay safe. Here is a little glimpse into our recent trip.

Cobblestone streets and cool restaurants, markets and shops everywhere you look. I could get used to that.

This guy at Washington Park attracted quite a crowd to show off his high jump. I don’t think I’ll ever get his high-pitched voice out of my head. “I have a 53-inch vertical!”

My husband loves that we came across a shop entirely dedicated to “the dude” from Big Lebowski. There was a photo inside of Jeff Bridges and the owner, so don’t bother telling him. He already knows.

Our friend Ryan with an anchovie mustache.

Who knew anchovies could be so good?

Doesn’t this look like a portrait shot that should be in a magazine? Glad I dragged us to this restaurant – Balthazar. I had waffles with hazelnut sour cream and warm berries. Yum. Steve was weirded out that there was a bathroom attendant. But for a $50 breakfast, I expect nothing less.

More tomorrow … I promise.

Random thoughts Thursday

August 25th, 2011

• Ella starts preschool in less than a week! I remembered when we had our meet and greet with the other kids and parents this week how much we all love her preschool. She is a really social kid. And such a sponge for information. I think we’re all excited. Can not believe we’ll be getting her ready for kindergarten this time next year.
•Went to the Indy Children’s Museum yesterday then swam in our neighborhood pool last night. Ella said we are the best parents ever. Score!
•Ella really prefers her dad to me these days. Loves to play lego star wars with him, watch football with him. wants to always sit with him and lay with him for movie time. She thinks he hung the moon. I’m trying to be all glad she has a dad who loves to do stuff with her. But, ouch! So glad Eva’s a mommy’s girl still.
•Am really trying to find the motivation again to run in the mornings because I’m 3-4 pounds heavier than I was last fall. That may sound a little picky but that is like a pant size or two with my body. I feel like my skinny jeans are taunting me.
•OK, that’s it. Will have a fun weekend that includes birthday dinner with family, barbecue with friends and spending some time with a friend’s little girl (and mine of course too) during Steve’s football draft. Good weekend!

At last, awesome weather

August 16th, 2011

It has been beautiful outside ever since we got back from NY. I hope it lasts a while. Here are some pics from the last week of enjoying the nice days…

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