Extracurricular activities

August 14th, 2011

I’m learning that extracurricular activities are a huge part of kids lives, at least where I live.

It seems like some kids are in camps, on teams, have practices in various things constantly.

I’m not saying that’s bad, I guess I’m just trying ot figure out what’s best for us. I want to find a good balance between keeping busy and having plenty of time for spontaneity and free time. It is a childhood afterall!

Ella was in soccer for the first part of the summer. Some of these activities seem to fly by though. This was one of those – just a four week course by our local Parks and Rec. When that ended she had a little time off then started gymnastics, which is only one day a week for an hour but about 8 weeks long. We are almost through with that. And now we’re thinking about dance class again. We did ballet through the Parks and Rec last year and Ella really liked that. So I am considering another dance class – but this time tap/hip hop but it would actually last all year long. Much more of a commitment. A lot more money too!

But I know now that she likes dance so I think she would stick with it. Plus a friend from school would be in the class which is a lot of fun for her and me.

But now she says she wants to keep up with gymnastics. I think that would be too much though. Dance, gymnastics and preschool 3 times a week! Not to mention I work 2 days a week, so we would have to pack most stuff in those other three days.

I would love for her to try tennis at some point too. Tennis is a sport you can easily continue in adulthood if you really like it. Now doesn’t seem like the right time though.

Anyway, just mulling it all over. I wonder how other parents decide. Do most parents try a little of everything until they find what their kid likes the best? How much is too much? Is one thing at a time a good pace?

Photo from the past

August 13th, 2011

I’m still in the process of moving photos over to my new external hard drive. Running out of space on my computer. It’s making me kinda sad though that I won’t have all my photos from the last 3 years at my fingertips. I would have to get this hard drive out and the viewer on it isn’t as good as my computer’s. I really should make some photobooks.

Well, now that you’re all bored, I’ll save the post with this cute picture.

They were so little! This was from April of 2010 so Ella had just turned 3 and Eva was four months old. I had not realized how much of Ella’s cute baby cheeks had changed. And I remember her being in those froggy jammies a lot! Eva was so little and always being squeezed by her sister. I miss those ages already!

Ella’s restaurant

August 12th, 2011

Ella loves to play restaurant and even says she wants to work in one when she wants to grow up. She also has said she wants to work in a bank or be a cowgirl, so we’re not really counting on it.

Here’s a conversation from last night’s pretend restaurant transaction (the kitchen is our sand table, and the menus are inflatable slip-n-slide cushions, just so you can picture it.)

Ella: Mom, pretend you are ordering dessert now.

Me: Ok.

Ella: Now, what the heck do you want?

Me: Wow, the service here is not real friendly. Anyway, I will have five-layer chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.

Ella: We’re out of that.

Me: What?!

Ella: Yeah, didn’t you see the x by it?

Me: Ok,well I will have chocolate cheesecake.

Ella: Oh, well that one is on sale. It’s free.

Me: Well, now that is a good sale!

Ella: Yeah, I would order 33 of them.

Me: Ok then, 33 pieces. Thank you!


August 11th, 2011

New York city was so much fun. I think if I would have gone there in my 20s I would be packing my bags right now and looking for a place to live.

But it’s always good to come home too. Although I have to say when Ella asked me to make macaroni last night I cringed. Kraft mac and cheese just can’t compete with Bobby Flay’s cornmeal encrusted chile relleno.

It’s kinda taking me a minute to get back in the swing of home. I forgot how much work I have at home with two kids. My hotel didn’t even make us stand to check in. They let us enjoy wine in the lobby while they took care of it. I’m way too spoiled now.

Anyway, my hubby has already posted a lot of photos. Go here to see them.

One of my faves:

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