Photo Booth

September 17th, 2011

I love my Mac Book for many reasons. One is that it has a little program called Photo Booth. With it’s built in camera you can take pictures or videos of whomever is placed in front of your computer. You can do a single frame photo or 4 frames, like a real photo booth! Others at my home have grown to love it too:

Ah, playing together

September 16th, 2011

Our girls have always interacted with each other and loved each other, but every now and then I catch them really playing together, and it’s awesome. Hopefully as Eva gets bigger they will play together more and more.

I think Ella is explaining the rules to Eva here as she listens carefully.

And the rules are: I throw the piece of chalk and you go run and get it. I guess Ella is playing fetch with Eva.

This is actually a very appropriate game as Eva has been pretending she is a dog a lot lately. She LOVES dogs.

A refreshing post-fetch snack is best when shared.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of those little feet.

Getting so so big.

I know I will miss these popsicle, running-around-the-backyard days in just a few months.

Shoe heaven

September 15th, 2011

I recently have gotten out Eva’s fall/winter shoe and clothing supply and am pretty psyched about the shoes she has. Several of them are Ella’s old shoes. Several are garage sale purchases from her cousin and a little friend. One pair is a gift from Grandma. All in all, we have a lot to choose from. And I think Eva shares my love of shoes.

And I don’t even see her favorite purple Crocs or pink Crocs here.

These were Ella’s first Converse sneakers. I sure love a little girl in Chucks.

Awesome and Awkward Friday

September 9th, 2011

I hope that you don’t count on themes such as Random Thoughts Thursday and Awesome and Awkward Friday to stick around because I don’t have that kinda memory power each week.

But anyway, we’ll have fun with it for today.

Awesome for the week:

  • Wedding weekend was last weekend! So much fun. Beautiful wedding. Kids danced their socks off. Food and appetizers were incredible.
  • Chicago! We rode the ferris wheel and took a boat ride at Navy Pier. And ate numerous good meals, all with cousins, aunt and uncle and grandparents. (I highly recommend traveling with grandparents. Very helpful!)
  • That Ella chose Legos over American Girl dolls at the Chicago mall. I don’t really care either way but Steve sure was over the moon that his little girl is a tomboy at heart.


  • That I slammed my hand in the van door and my arm in a revolving door. I am so clumsy. It’s not funny anymore.
  • That I forgot my curling iron and eyeliner and looked like a frizzy-haired ghost at the wedding. Then bought a new curling iron and realized way deep in the recess of my bag, that I had in fact brought my curling iron.
  • That Eva bit her cousin and another kid yesterday at the babysitters. Three times.

Ok, that should do it for this week! Looking forward to an uneventful weekend. And hopefully no biting.

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