Bad hair day

October 21st, 2011

From the front, not too bad …

But from the back …


I do not know what she does in her sleep but wow, when she wakes up, her hair is CRAZY.

Loving my iPhone

October 20th, 2011

We finally joined the world of iPhone lovers and bought Apple’s latest 4S.

I already knew I was in love with the company when my husband was able to just order the phones online and have them delivered, avoiding the long lines and wait with 2 children in tow.

And now that they have arrived, I am in love.

It is so sleek, and fun, and it actually works, which is a big step up from my last phone.

Now I am just figuring out all it has to offer. Siri, the voice activated “assistant” is awesome. I tell it to call Steve or text someone while I’m in my car and it’s completely hands-free. And the camera – it’s such good quality. Facetime is also really fun. I’ve already seen and talked to both my sisters this week with Facetime. And of course the kids are loving such apps as Songify – where their words are made into songs.

So, yeah, I’m certainly slow to jump on the bandwagon. But wow, it’s awesome.

I ordered the white so it would stand out from my husband’s. Isn’t it cool?

She’s a maniac

October 14th, 2011

This one is a wild one, I’m telling you. And this is right after waking up…

When do I get a day off?

October 6th, 2011

I’m tired today. Not sleepy tired, but just sorta exhausted. Wish I could lay around in my pajamas all day. By myself. A day off … of work and kids.

I think I did too much yesterday. Made whoopie pies, got halloween decorations out, 3 meals, cleaned for an hour, played outside, did and put away laundry …

Luckily the kids have been really sweet lately. I mean, I would not recommended taking my two-year-old out to lunch or grocery shopping anytime soon if you want to keep your sanity. But at home, they are quite fun, dancing, kissing, hugging, silly girls.

This morning Ella watched She-ra before we left the house. Funny she likes these old cartoons. She kept showing Eva how she could pause it if Eva got scared. Eva just would stare blankly at her, probably wondering what in the world she’s talking about.

That’s all. Nothing witty or exciting to report. Just waiting for my day off.

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