Bathroom – before and after

February 9th, 2012

Our sad little downstairs half-bath was remodeled last week. Yippee! And now, for the long-anticipated photos …


A depressing streaky, bad sage green paint job covered the walls before. And I never understood towel bars over the toilet. I don’t need a towel at the toilet.

This is an example of  some of the paint job in the room.

Vine-covered country-looking light fixture was just not our bag.


Love the new blue-green color! May be hard to see the difference in photos, but it is very different. We chose a funky magazine rack/art piece for the wall. And we’re getting a piece of art framed for above the toilet.

And here are the major improvements. (By the way, it’s not easy to get photos in a tiny room!) New vanity with new counter and faucet. Big oval mirror and light fixture from Lowe’s. And a towel ring next to the sink. Now that makes sense.

I stole this photo from the mudroom – which I replaced with a clock in there.

A simple change like a new vent cover really helps. Why didn’t we get rid of that nasty old one before?

And now I have storage drawers! Way better than two big open cabinets.

Organized storage: a thing of beauty!

And here is one very happy customer, who filled up those new drawers in just minutes with her things!

Four eyes

February 8th, 2012

Eva took my glasses the other day …

Bathroom remodel coming soon …

Life around our house

February 4th, 2012

The other day I asked Eva if she had any dreams the night before. I remembered suddenly I used to ask Ella all the time and she would have some funny answers. I didn’t know if Eva would even know what I was talking about, but she replied with “Dinasours.” “Hugged dinasours.” I think that’s pretty cool!

We’ve been reading a lot of books lately at home. It’s one activity all three of us girls really like to do together. I let Ella pick out some new ones in her Scholastic Club from preschool this week too. We have a new Llama, Llama book, a Hello Kitty book and some Valentines book to look forward to.

We’re so into our tech toys at home right now. Tablets and phone games … Eva’s favorite thing is to find the Party Rockers song and dance like a mad woman. Ella prefers word games and taking photos of herself. She’s dying to get her own tablet … I am too honestly. Wish our birthdays would hurry up and get here!

Bathroom remodel – getting really close …

February 3rd, 2012

I love the new blue/green color. Beats the old sage green that was thin in so many spots and had a lot of streaking.

Oh and my pretty new light fixture is up. I just love it. Previously there was a countryish, vine-covered looking fixture that was just NOT our taste.

It should be all done when I get home. So happy we found the nicest couple – a man and a wife who have a lot of experience doing this work for us. They got rid of all the “nail bumps” in our wall, the one million giant holes, the cracked caulking in the corners, solved the dilemna of the drawers that wouldn’t open, and the outlet that wouldn’t work, the electrical box that wasn’t installed …

Can’t wait to see it all together. Befores and afters will come soon.

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