Heeey … Macarena

May 22nd, 2008

Yay! David Cook won American Idol! I’m so happy it turned out that way. I think he’s going to be hugely famous. And he seriously seems nice. Like not arrogant at all and just sorta thoughtful and genuine. Like I know him at all. But really, you get a little bit of an idea of what people are like. And what a shocker. The judges were drooling all over David Archuleta last night. That kid’s going to be huge too though.

Anyway I will miss the show. It gave my sister and I a weekly thing to look forward to doing. Last night, she came over to my house for it. My little punkin was in bed, but before long she was clanging at our crib bars with full force. And we had just been talking about how she used to go to bed at 7 and I had two whole hours of me time, but recently it’s become 8 p.m. And I’ve adjusted. It’s not much time though. 1 hour a day to do what I want. But last night she got up and was up past, GULP, 9. Uh oh, as she would say. And that has happened a few times lately. Please, baby, I need that 1 hour! Although she was so sweet last night. I told her to go get her baby and she went to the other room, got her baby and brought her to me. I was so impressed she understood and also didn’t get distracted on the way there. Then she planted a sweet little kiss right on baby’s mouth. So cute. She must know that if she’s extra cute she can stay up late.

Whew, so, with the idol final and my niece’s concert on Tuesday night, there’s been a lot of singing this week. Yes, 3-year-old London got to flaunt her singing and dancing skills to the song Macarena, among others, to a packed crowd of parents and families at her daycare concert. Have you ever seen 20 three-year-olds do a song and dance together? Hilarious. Of course London was entertaining all on her own. She really got into the dance. She’s been practicing for weeks. She hopped out in front of the kids and showed off her moves, and of course, she wore her favorite leopard-print sundress, so she looked darling. The best part was when she saw my mother (grandma) and me and completely stopped to give us a huge wave and smile. When I wasn’t focusing on my niece I tried to just take in the whole scene because it was just funny. Kids just standing facing all directions, dance moves all out of sync, at one point one of them just stood there crying. It’s just so great because as we get older we care so much about how we’re perceived, but kids just let loose. Can you imagine if we just cried at work every time we were stressed out or upset?

I also watched American Idol that night with Sara. Although, we may have missed a lot of it because of a certain little singer/dancer that was harassing me. Lucky for her she also at one point tilted her head and said “I love you Aunt Eri.” OK, I can miss seeing David Cook sing for that.

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  1. Karly on May 24, 2008 3:27 am

    Yay David Cook!

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