Missing Ella

April 30th, 2008

Today was one of those mornings I wish I was a stay at home mom. Ella got up before me so instead of getting myself ready then getting her up I had to find a way to get ready with her. She was really enjoying cuddling with me and watching Between the Lions, this cute Sesame Street-esque show on PBS. So I thought I would turn the show on in our bedroom and have her sit with her daddy while I got ready. She really wanted me though. And she was a little fussy on the way to the sitters. And once she got there, she still seemed to cry a little and hold out her arms for me. Heartbreaking. Like I said yesterday she’s getting new teeth so she’s just not 100% I think. I would definitely stay home if I thought she was really sick, but I don’t think she is. And she was probably having fun playing two minutes after I left.

Yesterday when I took her to the sitters she ran right over to the other kids. She seemed so excited to see them. On days like that I think the social aspect of being there is so great for her. And I think she gets bored around our house with just me sometimes. But then there’s days like today …

Too bad I can’t just can’t have an endless amount of vacation days to stay home on days like that. Or on really sunny days. Again this week it’s going to get up to 70 during the week, then be low 60s during the weekend. Shoot!

Anyway, she was a little crazy last night at home. She seemed really hard to please. And she did not want to wait for dinner to cook. I gave her a pot and wooden spoon. That kept her happy for awhile. Then Steve said “How about I put some water in there for her?” I said “Sure! If it will keep her happy!”

Well, I think he put a little too much water in there. Soon the floor was covered with water and so was her bottom and the bottom of her dress. Now I’ve got a wet floor, a wet baby and I’m still trying to cook dinner. Thanks, honey.

Later that night Sara came over to watch Idol. Love our weekly Idol night. By the way, she sent me a link to a story about Idol’s ratings falling possible because of their outdated song choices — I guess I’m not the only one irritated by this. And last night was no different – but if I could pick one star from the 70s?, 80s?, it might be Neil Diamond, so I was happy with that at least. David Archuleta was surprisingly upbeat – he did pretty well. David Cook was OK. He didn’t blow me away, but he’s done so well in the past I think he’ll be fine. Brooke’s first song was all wrong, but her second was my favorite of the night. Cute boy with the dreadlocks and Syesha were kinda boring. I think one of them are going home.

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  1. Em on April 30, 2008 11:48 pm

    I think cute dreadlock boy is purposefully trying to get kicked off so he can be the next Chris Daughtry – grab the fame and a career but avoid the “american idol” tag…he sure couldn’t have seemed any more disinterested last night.

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