The future is brighter

May 29th, 2008

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was so overwhelmed and stressed by some work projects that are all colliding at once. I did not even want to post, because it was just too much to think about.

Today, I feel a little more relaxed about it all. And the weather gods have been smiling on me at last. Today is beautiful and yes, I’m at work, but since I didn’t do lunch, I’ll be out at 3, plenty of time to enjoy the day. And since little E is staying up past 8 most nights, we really have a lot of time. Perhaps we’ll walk to one of our neighborhood parks. OR we could go the pool if it is really warm. Although it would be nice to wait on Daddy to return from his business trip for our first pool trip of the season. Oh, and I have a haircut tonight! Thank goodness. It’s all kinds of scraggly and split endy. If only I had time to get lowlights I’d be really happy. I’ve grown to accept my red hair, and I like red hair when I see it on other people. But I think since the sun has been shining so brightly I feel a little like Bozo at the beach.

Yes, so my late baby is now even going past the 8 p.m. barrier. But man, is she sweet. Lately, she’s happy laying in our bed looking at the ceiling fan while I play with her feet or she plays with my nose. I’m starting to wonder if we’ll need to help her transition to one nap eventually. My neighbor was helping her sons transition, and I thought I’ll just leave Ella be. I like that she takes two naps. We have two nice breaks in the day and she gets re-energized. However, it might just be nice, if I didn’t always have to plan my day around TWO naps. Gets tricky. But not bad. I think she still needs them, so I’m going to keep on giving her those two naps unless she starts keeping me up until 11 p.m. at night …

What a fast week … I missed Tuesday because of the illness and tonight will be fast, and tomorrow night is the premiere of SEX AND THE CITY! I’ll be there. My SIL and I have had it on our calendars for months. I’m ready for a night out. I LOVE going to the movies and it’s been too long this time. We also have plans to go to a restaurant/bar AFTER the movie. For eating or drinks? I’m not sure which. Maybe they’re not aware I eat my dinner at 5 p.m. at night. Perhaps I’ll be taking Ella’s morning nap with her on Saturday.

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  1. Em on May 30, 2008 4:00 pm

    I’m going to see Sex and the City tonight also….can’t wait….let’s talk tomorrow!

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