May 2nd, 2012

Poor girls. They had to get poked and prodded today for their annual checkup for their spherocytois (a genetic blood disorder).

There were tears and even some screaming. Dang, that sucks. Wish Steve could have gone with us.

Luckily the nurses are so extremely nice and they have a wonderful playroom and even let the kids get into a treasure chest before they leave.

They also give us some hand-sewn gifts from a lady who just makes things for all the kid patients there. And that lady is taking care of her own husband who has pancreatic cancer.

I explained to Ella about how people with cancer take medicine that makes them lose their hair. I wanted her know so she didn’t accidentally ask about it and hurt some child’s feelings. The hematology center we go to is also a pediatric cancer center. So, yeah, I don’t feel too sorry for us. And Ella told me, “mom, if you say something would hurt somebody’s feeling I would never want to say that.” She’s such a sweetie.

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