Coffee is my friend

December 31st, 2008

Holiday company group #2 arrived last night. Steve’s cousin, girlfriend and children. And I’m such a good hostess I was in bed when they arrived. But seriously, I get up pretty early and it was 9:30 p.m. when I gave up awaiting their arrival and turned my light off to call it a night.

And I was sure glad I did since Ella got up at 4 A.M. She did lay in our bed for awhile, but there was no more sleep to be had for her or I after that. I finally gave in, fed her some cereal and held her as we watched a Dora marathon and I rested my eyes.

She was LOUD too.

Notice to all guests staying at our house: Unless you are the lucky people who get our one and only guest bedroom, you may be getting up very early, at the discretion of one very loud two-year-old, who will shout demands such as “Down! Stairs! Cereal! Sausage! Dora!” until she goes down for a nap at 1 p.m. Congratulations.

Anyway, holiday company group #3 will start arriving at 4 p.m. today. I have to work all day. And just in case the only thing you read is my blog and you have no idea what is happening in the world, today is New Year’s Eve. Which means I, along with company group #3, will stay up very, very late. Welcoming the new year with lots of booze enthusiam. Bring on the coffee.

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