Everything in moderation

September 28th, 2008

Thanks for your supportive blogs about the TV watching. I’m learning to chill out about it, and you guys made some good points. A lot of us watched TV growing up and have quite fond memories of  Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers and so on … and we’re all actually pretty productive, happy, thinking individuals! Back to my old, still best philosophy: EVERYTHING in MODERATION. Speaking of, Project Runway was so good last week! Boy that Kenley girl is getting pretty bratty. She acts like Tim doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If she ever watched the show, she’d know his comments are always right on!

My husband is back in town, from a seminar in Florida.  I’m so glad. It seemed like a long time. It was getting a little boring around here. He was so homesick for Ella he went and picked her up at my mom’s when he got home late last night while I was at work. I thought it was sweet. Even sweeter my mom had agreed to keep Ella overnight and she made us chicken enchiladas for dinner before I had to go to work. How’s that for a babysitter?

Ella seems to be feeling better. I did end up taking her to the doctor on Saturday and she does have a bit of an ear infection, and she’s now on antibiotics. I still get a little confused about when to take her in, but I did remember doctors saying if a fever persists for four days, get them checked out. I told my SIL, cold and flu season has begun. I am so not ready for that.

I bought Ella a Halloween costume today. It’s so cute! I don’t think I’ll tell you what it is. You’ll see photos. She did bawl when I put it on her though. It may have been too small and she was definitely ready for a nap, so I hope we can fix though problems. I love it.

We met my parents, SIL, brother and nephew Grant for breakfast at Cracker Barrell today. It was fun. Ella sure loves Grant. And my brother was wearing a shirt that says Hookers are fun. Yeah, that’s right. Sorry, Rachel. That’s my brother, he loves to shock people.

Tonight we have a birthday party so I need to to catch up on SNL from last night and do Sunday things like make a grocery list and throw in laundry.

P.S. My two pregnant friends are getting pretty far into their pregnancies. Their blogs are so fun to read. Catch up with them here and here.

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  1. Kerri Eagan on September 29, 2008 11:27 pm

    I agree with you about Kenley! She is driving me crazy. I am so hooked on the Rachel Zoe Project. Love it!

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