Getting better all the time

February 25th, 2010

My paginating program’s frozen so I’ll do a quick update …

We went to Kalahari last weekend (biggest indoor waterpark in the country). It was really fun. There were 10 adults, 4 kids and one little baby.

We actually really debated going since our baby is so young and would need so much attention. But it went really well. She was so good. She never had any fussy time. And she slept really well. We did take our big swing for her to sleep in, but we had plenty of room for it in our car – which was another concern. So, good trip. Lots of fun. The chocolate shop might have been my favorite part. It. Was. Awesome.

Anyway, Eva is getting so cute lately. Really cooing like she’s having a conversation with you. And her little smile is so stinking cute. I’m excited for the next year of cute babyness. And she is sleeping a big better now. Getting up about twice a night regularly. That’s probably helping me enjoy her more now too.

Had my initial assessment at my new gym last night. They tested my body fat and cardio health and flexibility and strength … it was pretty cool. I was fair to moderate at everything. Room for improvement. Except excellent at flexibility. For some reason I have always been flexible. Then a trainer showed my a good arm workout to do and told me a lot of things I didn’t know. So glad to do that. Hopefully I’m on my way to prepregnancy weight and being more toned.

OK! Back to work. Computer unfroze.

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