February 12th, 2009

Ella has been so goofy lately. I think maybe since her vocabulary is expanding so quickly she’s able to voice all of her excitement now. Here’s a few things she’s been talking about lately.

She holds her hand up to her face with fingers outstretched and says “Listen to that! A firetruck!” And no, there’s usually not a firetruck. And she seems to be mimicking the way people cup their ears when they’re really trying to listen, but she just holds her hand up to her face. I’m thinking she may picked up this whole thing from Dora.

“Haeelp Mommy!” – This one I understand. I’ve tried to teach her that instead of whining or screaming she needs to use words – such as Help, Mommy. So now, many, many times a day, I hear “Haaelp Mommy.” She sounds like a tiny southern lady in distress.

Now I don’t know where she got this one either … and she’s only used this one on Daddy. She lays down really nice and peacefully like she’s ready for a good night’s sleep. Then 5 minutes later she calls out for Daddy and when he comes to get her she proudly says “little nap! little nap!” Guess she thinks she just needs one little 5-minute nap at night.

One Response to “Goofball”

  1. Dawn on February 13, 2009 3:52 am

    You know what they say down here, if you’re not from here? “I wasn’t born in Dixie, but I got here as fast as I could.” Ella must be trying to tell you something with her little Southern accent.

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