Highlights from the week

February 24th, 2012

I don’t know if the girls were extra sweet this week or I just appreciated them more since last week was a heavier work week for me and I didn’t see them as much.

Anyway, here are a few great moments from our week:

  • Eva tells me she loves me all the time out of the blue. (OK, in fairness she tells Steve, Ella, the lady at the gym and some other people she sees too.) But it is so sweet. It comes out like this “Lub you mommy.”
  • I hung our comforter over some chairs to dry (Eva got into my lipgloss, but that’s another story) and it instantly became Ella’s fort. She ate a few meals in there, gathered some stuffed animal friends and did some writing in there. Note to self: Build more tents at home for easy entertainment.
  • We had a playdate in which the girls rocked out on a kids set of drums. They loved it. Eva also loved a keyboard they had. That child is so musical.
  • Steve wanted something sweet one night this week, so I stopped by Kroger after Ella’s dance class. I bought him a huge salted caramel chocolate cupcake that he thought rivaled Casa’s insanely good chocolate layer cake. And it was only $2.50 and enough for both of us. Good find! And Eva’s reaction to us bringing her home a chocolate donut with sprinkles on it made my night. She kept looking at it saying “Wow!” “Wow!”

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