Interesting night

June 24th, 2010

I took Ella to the gym with me last night – she loves the daycare room there. But as I pulled into the parking lot I noticed she was asleep. So, I woke her up and took her in. But by the time I finished working out, she was done. Exhausted. I had a hard time getting her to leave the daycare until I offered up a “treat” when she got home. I told her it would be a reward for being so good all day (up until then!). And she really was. She even got herself dressed as soon as she woke up. It was a small miracle.

Then on the way home she started bawling. And with tears streaming down her eyes and taking breaks to catch her breath she explained her problem. She said “A girl at the gym had sharks (cheesy crackers) and she wouldn’t share! I asked and asked and asked and she just wouldn’t share!”

For some reason this was the saddest thing to me. Just last week Ella went to the movie with her cousins and we packed her up some treats and she kept talking about how she was going to share with her cousins. I felt so bad that she was learning to share and now she wasn’t getting the same justice. But then again, she’s not always great at sharing, so maybe this will be a good lesson …

Anyway, she went to sleep fine, but later on my mom called a few times, warning us there was a tornado. Everyone in their area was in their basements and it was headed our way.

Well we never did get the full brunt of it, but we did end up waking up the kids and sitting with them in our tiny pantry. I kept joking that I was so glad we’d have snacks during all the turmoil. Being with kids for an extended amount of times without a snack is an emergency on its own.

Anyway, we’re all good. Hopefully today will be less eventful!

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