Italian Beef recipe – easy and awesome

August 14th, 2009

My computer is frozen so I’ll take a minute for a quick blog. My friend gave me a recipe for “Italian Beef” the other day, which I had never heard of, and it was so good it’s going to become a regular dish at my house.

Here it is.

Italian Beef


  1. Chuck Roast
  2. Jar of Pepperoncini peppers
  3. Packet of Goods Seasons Italian Seasoning


Put Roast in crockpot. Add packet of seasoning. Cut off stems of peppers, then pour entire bottle of peppers, juice and all, all over dish. After cooking on low for 8 -10 hours, shred and put on sub-type bun, place provolone cheese on top and place in oven for a few minutes. Also, the juice made the bottom of my bun a little soggy, so you may want to flip it over in the oven just once.

And that’s it! Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Italian Beef recipe – easy and awesome”

  1. Emily on August 17, 2009 10:13 pm

    Yum sounds delish!!!

  2. Dawn on August 18, 2009 2:42 am

    Sounds delicious and just in time for football season. I bet it will be a perfect dish for NFL parties. By the way, Jeff is totally going to beat Steve in fantasy land this year!

  3. Stephen on August 26, 2009 9:04 pm

    Perperochini? (Tubby wishes he could beat me!)

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