Lights out!

December 23rd, 2008

Sunday night our power flickered off, as it has many times in the past few days. But this time it still was out an hour later, and it was getting dark. So we gathered flashlights and our camping lantern, then I rang my mom’s house to see if we could stay with them. Afterall, I’m quite fond of lights and heat. My SIL actually answered and offered up her house, which is 20 minutes closer (on icy roads) so we took her up on it. So I packed our bags, then did the dishes by lantern, which Steve thought was absolutely crazy. But who wants to come home to a sink full of dirty dishes after who knows how long?

Thankfully our power returned by the next morning. I had just stocked my freezer full of food and my fridge is full of all kinds of things I’m making for Christmas parties this week. I hated the thought of losing it all. Although I was planning to just set it out in the snow if we our power was gone for awhile. It was freezing out afterall. I was also worried about our pipes. Now I feel so bad for all the other people in Fort Wayne who don’t have power. Some haven’t had electricity for a week!

So, now it’s back to reality. Ella and I braved the icy roads today for work. And I’ll work tomorrow too. It’s funny because I just had four whole days with not much to do and now I’ve got a week full of more than enough working and Christmas parties and cooking and cleaning. I need a plan. So sorry if you don’t really care but here’s what I’m thinking:

Tuesday (today):
*on break pick up a few gifts for visitors this weekend.

After work:
*make deviled eggs (I found a new recipe for bacon cheddar deviled eggs — how could that be bad?) for Christmas Eve and of course make dinner (something easy!)
* Finish wrapping gifts and pick up room for guests this weekend.
*Put reminder on door for Steve to bring deviled eggs and gifts.

Wednesday (Christmas Eve):
* Work (don’t forget cookies for work),
* Christmas Eve at my mom’s.

Thursday (Christmas):

* Finish cutting veggies and prepare dip,
* Go to Christmas day at my sister’s.
At night:
* Clean floors – vacuum and steam. They need it. Trust me.

* During break pick up snacks and some last-minute food items for guests …

* Beg Steve to clean two bathrooms and vacuum upstairs (pretty please?).

OK, this was even more boring than yesterday’s post, so I’ll throw in some photos. And we can all reminisce on days when the roads weren’t covered in ice and we could leave the house without ten things to keep us warm.

A gorgeous beach baby.

Bubbles and sunshine? It seems like not that long ago, yet so far away.

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