Mommy needs a little TV

September 26th, 2008

OK my new stance on cutting back television came at a bad time.

I noticed Ella was really hot last night and after looking all over for the thermometer and not finding it, I decided that yes, she did have a fever. I don’t need a little stick to tell me her skin is blazing hot compared to mine. I gave her a little children’s ibuprofen and sent her to bed.

I heard her cry a few times through the night, which isn’t that unusual but I was kinda on edge all night. Probably because Steve’s gone. I notice every little noise when he’s not here.

Anyway, at three in the morning I went to feel her forehead and she was burning up again. I figured that cough she had been working on had finally developed into something, so  I set my alarm in time to call off work and call the sitter.

In the morning she was in that just-hold-me-I’m-sick mode intermixed with bouts of playing with her toys. I remembered once when she was sick I held her and we watched House Hunters ALL day. Don’t tell the child development experts.

But today, she seemed well enough for plenty of bookreading – I think we read our book on Baby Animals a jillion times – and I stuck to my guns. No more TV. Well, I turned on Ellen for like 10 minutes, then felt badly for giving in so easily.

But as the day progressed, we ran out of things to do. In between laying in my arms, we played with playdough, her new super cool farm animals from the Tractor Supply Company, her piggy bank … We read every book in the house. Twice.

I even thought some fresh air might be nice so after her nap I walked her to the park. It was too hot. Especially for a feverish little girl. We came right back.

By 7 p.m. she was getting cranky and I was tired from the entertaining. I just wanted my TV!! So I decided everything in moderation and my little design reality show was not going to give her permanent brain damage. She did lay her head on my chest and watch for a few minutes, but then she went and played with her puzzles. Aaah. Finally a little break. You know how some kids just play by themselves? Somedays Ella doesn’t do that at all. She wants constant bookreading, waterfilling up, puzzle help … it’s exhausting!

Anyway, that sounds like I didn’t enjoy it, but I did. And even though having a sick child sucks, I secretly love when she gets all cuddly and wants to be held all day.

2 Responses to “Mommy needs a little TV”

  1. Em on September 27, 2008 12:45 am

    Erin…I have seen plenty of kids who are raised on mountain dew and bad tv and barely any parental guidance and they somehow manage to turn out ok….Ella is lucky to have such wonderful parents…..the worst that could happen is she could pick up a few decorating tips from your reality obsession. Keep up the great parenting and I hope Ella feels better!

  2. Karly on September 27, 2008 3:38 am

    I hope Ella is feeling better!

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