Nothing inparticular

July 30th, 2008

OK, there’s a writing prompt today by She Likes Purple called “I wouldn’t say it was my best idea…,” but as my sister said “I could write a whole book on that!” I’m a little overwhelmed and can’t really begin to narrow down the stories from my life that fall under that category. So, anyway, I’m going to not address the topic now, but maybe later on I’ll find the inspiration.

I think I’m starting to get insomnia. It’s the wierdest thing. The last two nights I tried desperately to go to bed at a reasonable hour – to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep, and no luck. I was up to midnight both nights. Really strange. I usually get off my “schedule” over the weekend, but by Tuesdays I’m usually so exhausted I could just about go to bed right after I eat my early bird dinner. Anyway, I’m avoiding an afternoon coffee latte and instead am having a chai tea latte. I know it still has caffeine, but a lot less. We’ll see.

Today’s one of those days where I’ve been thrown a couple loops (hope I got that one right) at work and am trying to juggle a lot. That’s where the latte comes in. I’m working on getting focus and conquering that list next.

I still have no cell phone and I keep wondering if my friend is coming for the weekend. I sure hope so. We have a girls night out planned … really just dinner out, but that’s fun! No cooking. Getting dressed up. Catching up with my sisters. Sounds awesome.

And tonight I’m getting an overdue haircut. I missed my last one because I was sick. And my hair is so homely and dreadful I just want to tell her to cut it all off. I need something short or modern to get me out of this funk!

OK, well, I hope you enjoyed this post about nothing.

2 Responses to “Nothing inparticular”

  1. Karly on July 30, 2008 7:25 pm

    You should post before and after hair pics — that would be fun!

  2. Dawn on July 31, 2008 1:35 am

    Try yoga for the insomnia. I have this 20 minute tape with five minutes of meditation that knocks me out. It’s also good for any neck and back pain from those awesome work chairs. Note: Do not attempt poses in front of Steve. I once tried this reverse triangle pose and Jeff just happened to walk into the room (which is probably why I lost my concentration) and I fell down. Instead of feeling bad, Jeff immediately attempted the pose and was, of course, successful. He has been banished from the yoga room since.

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