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March 23rd, 2010

We’ve had a busy morning with storytime and a trip to Toys R Us. Now Ella is relaxing to an episode of the Flinstones and Eva is in her swing drifting off to sleep.

I really should be cleaning my floors. Really.

Anyway, Eva takes several naps during the day still, but she seems to take her best one after lunchtime. She’ll sleep for 2-3 hours. And for the past couple of weeks she’s been sleeping from around 8:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. She’ll get up a few times to eat in that stretch. And usually for the last couple hours she wants me to hold her. But still! This seems so easy compared to the first couple of months. I love it. I feel like we have a real routine now and I know what to expect. And she really smiles a lot for me. And she is starting to grab her toys. I’m remembering now how fun babies are … after you get through the rough stuff.

She did have an appointment yesterday though so they could make sure her ear infections cleared up. And they did. But once again they told me that having an ear infection this young almost certainly means she’s in for more. Yikes. I hope she’s not going to get them all the time and need tubes.

Ella meanwhile pinched her real hard at the doctor’s office. I was so upset with her. She’s still not really learning to be careful with her sister. I don’t think she’s trying to be mean, she just is grabby and pinchy and hyper. But she’s getting time-outs or something taken away when she does it. She needs to stop doing it!

Ella has an appointment tomorrow at her hematologist to make sure she is doing well – with her anemia. Ella was at the doctor this weekend too. Boy with doctor appointments, and soon dentist appointments and eye appointments I’m glad I only work part-time!

I bought an outdoor picnic table at Toys R Us today. It is supposed to seat 8 kids, so that will be great for when her cousins are over and for parties. And we got some more accessories for her dollhouse. Now I need to put myself on a spending fast because we’ve been spending a lot!

OK, time to turn TV off and have a little “quiet time” before we go for a walk and enjoy the weather this afternoon.

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