Piddling around

July 28th, 2008

I feel like I haven’t blogged for a while. I actually sat down to blog a few times this weekend, but then stopped to enjoy some pure laziness.

It was a really good weekend, kinda a good mix of doing enough stuff to not be bored, but not too much that I was too busy. Know what I mean?

Friday night I went to dinner with my SIL, and nephew Grant, my mom and Ella. We had lovely time at O’Charley’s or Old Charley’s as Grant calls it. Afterward we all played at my house, including, Sara, Marc and kids. It was fun. Remind me not to give kids markers while they’re playing on the deck though. Just not sure if that comes out.

Saturday Ella and I just piddled (that’s a word right?) around the house, then took our weekend trip to Wal-mart, where she was a little angel baby and when we arrived home, Daddy was home from his jaunt to Ann Arbor to see his buddy Paul. We just piddled more around the house before having dinner and then I took off to help at work for a few hours.

I think Ella has turned a really good corner on toddlerhood (that’s a word too right?). No longer is she

A. Throwing fits at the grocery store

B. Attacking other children ( a little poking, but not really mean poking)


C. Getting mad when I change her diaper

It’s great. She just really seems so content and easy going lately. She seems to have slowed down a little too. I’ve also noticed her shoes are all tight all the sudden! This little girl is growing up FAST.

And now we’ve just spent a great day at the zoo with our friendly neighbor and neighbor boys. We saw many of the animals, did the train ride, the kids played in the two wading ponds and played in the model train. It was very good day at the zoo. And the kids were so good!

Oh, I nearly forgot that on Sunday, my angel mother watched Ella for several hours while we saw the new Will Ferrell movie and ate at Munchie’s. The movie was really funny. But it was a little awkward because two small children were sitting in front of us and there was a LOT of cussing, and some nudity. I kept thinking, oh great, Ella’s going to go to school with kids that see R-rated movies and they’re going to tell her all about it. Really, it was not a kids movie. There was one really raunchy scene. That’s all I’ll say.

OK, well, it’s nap time, and since so many of my friends have blogs now, it’s really cutting into TV time, so I better go see what I’m behind on before my big girl awakes.

P.S. Still no

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  1. Karly on July 29, 2008 1:04 am

    Sorry about the money and phone, but I’m glad you didn’t let it ruin your weekend!

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