TGI a three day weekend!

August 30th, 2013

Parenting is hard. I’m not proud of myself for how I lost my cool last night.

Eva threw a FIT about having to take a bath. I mean, screaming bloody mary. And I am lenient on baths. I give them baths every other day and sometimes we go a few days. My girls are just not kids that roll around in the dirt and I think until they hit puberty, it’s just not worth the fight. Because, believe me, they fight me on it.

I do make them put fresh underwear on every day, FYI.

Anyway. I very hurriedly got her out of the bath but told her we HAVE TO brush her hair. I offered a sucker, I offered to let her watch Woody Woodpecker, I would have done anything. I just wanted to get the tangles out.

Her hair is a major source of stress for both of us. She HATES having it brushed. She cries. I don’t want to make her cry. I feel miserable seeing her so unhappy. But her hair practically forms dreadlocks every night. She has the most beautiful long, blonde, curls, but every morning she wakes up looking like Bob Marley.

So, anyway, more screaming and crying and trying to run away from me. She just threw a fit. And then I threw a fit.

I feel so guilty about it. She did tell me I could brush her hair then. But I didn’t even want to anymore.

We went to bed on good terms, but I’m still feeling guilty about getting so angry at her.

Then later that night began the nightly ritual of everyone helping themselves to my glass of water. Eva took a big swig of my water, then spit it back in the cup. Then my cat Maude, preceded to take a drink, and then push it over, so she could just drink it off the carpet. Ugh.

Being the mom is hard.

So, on that bright note, at least it’s now the three-day weekend. We are going to soothe ourselves with some sunshine, swimming, ice cream … and maybe get Eva a hair cut.




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