Too tired for clever titles

January 23rd, 2010

I’m really tired as usual but I’m not sure what else to do with myself right now so I’ll sum up what’s up with us lately.

1. Eva’s nights are a mixed bag. Two nights ago we had a really rough night. Last night, not bad. I do notice that as the night progresses she sleeps for longer stretches, so I think she’s not completely mixed up with her nights – she just needs her schedule shifted a bit. And my friend Karen gave me a little advice from a book she read. It advises moms to feed babies every 2.5 hours per day and after every feeding, keep her awake/play with her for a half hour, then let her nap. This will keep her up enough during the day to hopefully get them sleeping during the night … so I’m trying that.

2. We bought all new windows today for our house. A little nerve wracking to spend that much money, but we had to replace most of them. The wood was rotting, handles were broken, and they’re letting in a lot of cold air. And I’m really happy with what we’re getting. Very energy efficient, very easy to clean and a lifetime warranty. And they’ll be installed by spring.

Well, Ella has taken over my TV and now waken the baby, so this list will be cut short. 2-year-olds! Aaahhh!

Cross your fingers

January 20th, 2010

Eva went 4 hours between night feedings last night. Hallelujah. I am really hoping this becomes a trend.

And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The night before was AWFUL. Followed by a terrible dentist appointment where I was supposed to get fitted for a crown, but then was told my tooth would need extracted instead. And to top it off it will cost $3,000 to replace. Serious bummer. I could do so much with $3,000. I could redo three rooms in my home. We could go on an awesome vacation. It could be a down payment on a car.

Ugh. Oh well. Perspective right? The poor people in Haiti don’t have water or food and are in pain. So I’ll stop complaining now.

Besides, a little extra sleep is enough miracle for me right now.

A few photos – 3 weeks

January 14th, 2010

Ella went to the sitter’s today and I really really tried to nap but I couldn’t. But I did enjoy a lunch out with my mom and SIL and I’ve also got some laying around eating ice cream time in as well as some e-mailing. Good day! And while I have a minute I thought I would post a few photos from the past couple of days.

Getting better? Maybe

January 12th, 2010

Well, sleep has been a mixed bag the last two nights. Two nights ago, she slept between 3 and 4 hours at a time. Which is great. That’s as good as it can get right now. Then last night, up every 2 hours again. But now its morning and it’s already over 2 hours since her last feeding. I’m wondering if by the time she really gets into the long stretches of sleep it’s morning time. Yesterday morning she slept a lot too. So, her schedule may not be necessarily flip flopped, but it’s a little off. I think I need to wake her up in the afternoon, instead of after dinner.

Anyway, she did sleep in her crib last night too. And that helped. I slept a lot better in between feedings without hearing her every grunt and feeling claustrophobic with her pack-n-play next to me while Ella kicks me in the face.

It probably sounds like I’m not enjoying this new baby. But I am. She’s beautiful and sweet. And Ella has been too.

And I am excited about getting out of the house soon. I realized yesterday I have not left for 3 days. That is too much for me. So today, I think we’re going to either go to….. McDonalds for lunch or storytime. You can’t imagine my excitement.

And Thursday, Ella is going to the sitters. I’m going to relax, hopefully nap and have a quiet house with just the baby.

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