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December 31st, 2009

It’s been a roller coaster the past 10 days since Eva entered the world. But more on that later. First, I’ll tell my loyal and eager six readers how it all went down. Also, I better tell the story for my baby book before I forget it! Warning: There may be a little bit of graphic content. I just had a baby so I have little modesty right now.

Last Tuesday, Dec. 22 I woke up around 8 and went to the bathroom and knew right away labor wasn’t far away. I had some “bloody show.” I hate the sound of that phrase. It just means blood and it indicates labor will be soon, in the next 24 hours possibly.

Ella soon woke up and felt very feverish. She also said her bottom hurt. She had said this for a couple days and I hoped her diareah or whatever was causing it would clear up on its on. But now she had a fever so I worried she had some type of infection. In the midst of this, contractions started. I’ve had so many lately that at first I wasn’t concerned. But they did feel different. They were all in my back, instead of my abdomen.

I made Ella the appointment anyway. They could get her in at 9 a.m. I told Steve he better take her. The contractions were getting uncomfortable. He worried about leaving me home alone – at first I thought it would be fine – if he did need to come back and get me it’s just a 10 minute drive.

But as I helped them get ready the contractions really started hurting. This is the true sign they’re real. And they were only 4-5 minutes apart! My doctors tell second time mothers to get to the hospital when they are 10 minutes because labor can happen really quickly that second time around. So I started to panic. I called Sara and my mom and let them know they need to meet us at the hospital to get Ella. I may have burst into tears when I told my mom. I was excited, nervous, scared and so ready to get this baby out!

When we arrived and got put in a triage room they checked me and found out I was dilated to 4. It was on! And the contractions were hurting too. Ella wasn’t feeling great but she still helped lighten the mood. And we didn’t bother making her get dressed that morning so people got a kick out of nightgown and leapord pants she was wearing.

Before I knew it they got me a room and an epidural was on the way. Yes! This was already going much quicker than Ella’s delivery. When the epidural came I was nervous. And it did seem to hurt more than with Ella for some reason. Maybe because with Ella I had been in labor so much longer and didn’t even care by that point. This time I was still hurting though and they did their work between my contractions. When the first shot of numbing medicine shot through my back I burst into tears again. But soon the pain was gone. Hallelujah.

My family arrived soon and it was fun to visit, but it’s so surreal too to actually be talking with people while you’re going through such an intense thing. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d hate to not have the distraction.

Soon they checked me and found that I was between 6-7 cm dilated. This was going quickly. They didn’t even have to give me any pitocin. The next few hours went quickly. Visiting, then checking. Next checkup I believe I was already 9.5. Then the next checkup I was ready and the nurse called my doctor. At some point the nurse also broke my water. With Ella they found meconium (stool) in my amniotic fluid and this meant I had to have a crew from NICU in the room to assess her after she was born. This time though, everything was fine.

As soon as the doctor arrived (I actually was lucky enough to have my own doctor again) the nurse and she had my push. Once, and she was crowning. Again, and her whole head was out. And again and the rest of her was out. They quickly placed her on my chest and it was such a sense of happiness and relief! And again I didn’t get to do that with Ella. She was rushed over to a table to get assessed. As soon as she was out I felt so good. I even had a really normal conversation with my doctor after. She did say I tore a little and had to put a stitch in.

My family was able to come in very quickly and we all admired little Eva. Next I got on the phone and made Ella that doctor appointment. I couldn’t believe I was making these arrangements less than an hour after giving birth. My sister and mom offered to take her for me. Conveniently the pediatrician office is connected to the hospital so we were right there anyway.

Next I ordered a quesadilla and a large coke! I could hardly wait. That may sound silly after such a monumental morning, but labor seriously works up an appetite.

So, that’s our story. And Eva is amazingly beautiful.

I keep some friends updated with texts during labor.

Aunt Sara arrives quickly to help with Ella. At one point she calls me a “reproductive miracle” because my labor went so quickly without any pitocin.

A journalist at heart, Steve even gets a picture of me being prepped for an epidural.

The best moment. Eva was born at 2:22, weighing 7 pounds and 5 ounces and 19.5 inches long.

Family comes in to see Eva. Aunt Emily made it just in time for the birth and was able to spend the whole week due to the holiday. Good timing!

Did I mention how good a coke tastes after you have a baby?

Ella is loved. Her grandma, Aunt Emily, Aunt Sara and soon daddy join her for a doctor appointment soon after her baby sister was born.

Friends and family rule and recent photos

December 21st, 2009

Wow, 39 weeks today. The last few weeks have had its ups and downs. I thought for sure I would have this baby early, while Steve was out of town. It was stressful.

But I didn’t and I kinda got used to this uncomfortable phase of the pregnancy and accepted the fact that maybe this huge baby will be in my belly until her due date. And that would be fine.

Anyway, I’ve had some real help. My girlfriend came down from Michigan and kept me company while Steve was gone. I’m so glad. Otherwise, I probably would have just sat around timing contractions for three days stressing about labor by myself.

My mom’s helped me several times, watching Ella, going to the grocery store with me … it’s awesome to have her help.

And my SIL hosted our first family Christmas and even let me off the hook for bringing anything.

So, I’m very appreciative … and hopefully it won’t be much longer.

Here’s a glimpse at my hugeness lately.

At 38.5 weeks. She seems so big! I don’t remember Ella looking so big before she was born.

One Christmas down, a few more to go. The kids are loving every minute.

Steve puts on his first princess glove. The first of many.

Scary thing #2 crossed off my list!

December 10th, 2009

Last week I had a root canal at 36 weeks along in my pregnancy. At 37 weeks, my husband had to spend five days in Naples, Florida, which is way south. As in no direct flights. As in 30 minutes from the airport. As in if-your-wife-goes-in-to-labor you’re not going to make it back in time.

But he is back now. And I didn’t have the baby without him. So, that’s a big WHEW of relief here. But it didn’t go without it’s stress. Yesterday I had contractions from about 12:30 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. And they weren’t painless. And I had bad cramping and backaches. I was stressed, to say the least. And the weather – blustery, snowing and 10 degrees. It seemed like the perfect storm.

But we made it through. Steve made it home and the contractions subsided over night. So, apparently they weren’t the real thing. I really thought I’d know the difference this time, but I’ve read they’re more uncomfortable in a second pregnancy – which is kinda throwing me. And they didn’t ease up much yesterday, which is more like the real ones.

Anyway, Ella’s been a real sweetheart. I let her watch more tv than she should to get me through the day yesterday, but she sure enjoyed it. Then she fell asleep in my arms on the couch and that was nice. I even talked to her about when the baby comes and what’s going to happen. We’ll go to the hospital and she’ll go to Aunt Sara’s or Grandma’s. And she helped me get her bag ready.

So we’re getting closer people. After this I’ll get back to plugging away at my work list and feel a little better about that. Now I’m just hoping that scary thing #3 (labor and healthy baby) goes as well as last time and we can enjoy the next chapter …

Three more weeks? Seriously?

December 7th, 2009

I haven’t felt like writing because I’ve slipped into the beached whale phase of my pregnancy – 37 weeks tomorrow to be exact. I’ll include photos when I can find more than ten minutes between bathroom breaks.

Honestly I was really getting nervous last week that labor would be soon – crampy feeling and backache – and oh yeah, I’m dilated to 2. But as I learned last time around, you can be dilated a few centimeters for a long time without anything happening. So it’s all just a big guessing game.

I’m feeling a little better too. I can’t sit or stand too long, but not terrible.

Anyway, tomorrow (maybe) I will post more. Need to tend to sleepy-eyed girl in princess jammies who just wandered out of bed and downstairs …

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