My Grandma

September 25th, 2009

My grandma passed away Tuesday night. She had not been doing well these past few weeks. She was 89. She had raised five children, and had 19 grandchildren, 33 great grandchildren and one great-great granddaughter. Needless to say, she was all about family. She was married 67 years to my grandpa, who passed away two years ago. And she was a real character, just like he was.

Anyway, I debated speaking about her on my blog – but then decided that a good portion of the readers are my family and they will enjoy this. And family – please share any memories you have in the comments area.

So, here are a few things that I think of when I think about my grandma:

Memories of Grandma

  • Once she sat me down and showed me pictures of my aunt’s wedding day. She told me that she was so excited about the dress she ordered (from Sears catalog maybe?) but then it got delivered and she said she wished that dress would have never come.
  • Our house burnt down when I was 10 – it was rebuilt, but we were suddenly homeless. She took us in and I remember her staying up late with me and making me hot chocolate. My parents though also remember that four days later she put our suitcases out in the yard – guess having an extra 6 people around was a little too much for her!
  • We drove by a new neighbor’s house one day and she smiled really big and waved and the man just stared at us. After we passed by she muttered “Stuck-up asshole.”
  • When I was very young I remember jiggling the extra hanging skin on her arm and saying “What is that Grandma?” Oops!
  • She played cards often and I can remember playing with her at her little kitchen table on many occasions.
  • She loved taking care of stray cats. It seems like she always was feeding a group of them from her backdoor.
  • I loved looking through her jewelry box. Big fancy necklaces and earrings. I’m glad she let us, even though we were probably really young.
  • I remember several of us jumping on her bed upstairs singing the “No more monkeys jumping on the bed song!”
  • She always was really excited and friendly and had a high-pitched squeel when she would see us. And she always thought us girls were so skinny! We always got a kick out of it.

We love you grandma and we’ll miss you!

What a week

September 17th, 2009

My hubby has been gone since Sunday on a business trip and that always makes for a really different week. Luckily Ella has been a real sweetheart, plus I spent one evening at my parents’ house where they fed us delicious food, brushed Ella’s teeth and put her jammies on for me. Pretty dreamy. Don’t tell my mom, but I’m thinking of asking her if I can move back in. They also showed us my dad’s latest wild animal rescue: Pete the Possum.

Yes, at any given time my animal-loving father has some wounded or motherless animal that he is nurturing back to health. It was always really fun growing up to see such things as an eagle flying through our kitchen or a fawn trying to stand up in our dining room. And now Ella is getting to experience the same awe. Apparently my dad was moving a dead possum (opossum if you really want to be official) off the road when he noticed a little living baby clinging to the mother. I know, it’s sad. But such is life on the backroads in Indiana – animals get killed. But how amazing that this little baby lived.

Anyway, my dad has some information on what to feed this little baby and how to care for it (you really can find anything on the Internet) and is letting him take residence in a box at their barn. (Actually it’s an air-conditioned office next to the barn. Nothing but the best for Pete.)

So, that was definitely the highlight of our week. While the lowpoint was when I had agonizing lower back pain all day Tuesday and couldn’t quite decide if I should drive myself to the E.R., work through the pain or just stay home trying to get rid of it. I chose the later. I found out it was likely a UTI, which are common in pregnancy. Luckily a lot of water took care of it and by the next day I was fine. It was definitely a day I could have used a husband at home though.

I’ve rambled quite a bit, so I think you at least deserve some photos if you’ve made it to this point.

Ella practices being a big sister to cousin Gaby last Sunday. Gaby was looking gorgeous for her baptism.

Ella tested out some things for the new baby in her old crib. Is she trying to get some final baby moments in before December?

Little Pete gets a little taste of milk.

Pete was a little shy for the camera.

They’re just jealous

September 14th, 2009

I bought a labeling machine the other day. And it’s awesome. I’m very into organzing and labeling everything from storage bins, pantry food containers to cables and cords. And now my labels look very neat and professional. Some people think I’ve gone too far with labeling and organizing though. Some people, in my very own household, have even gone so far as typing out a label that says insane and putting it on my forehead. Furthermore. when my sister got wind of obsession this week, she and my husband teamed up to make some point about my habits. Exhibit A:

Here is a visual of some fine organizing I’ve done in my pantry. Neat, clean and helpful is what I say. But my husband says “I know those are crackers! I don’t need a label.” Right. Well, then why is he always asking me where stuff is?

And here’s an example of less organized people mocking my good efforts.

And now they’re just being mean. Notice label on her shirt.

Wait, who is this man in my house again? Oh right, husband.

Even  Ella becomes a victim in the labeling crossfire.

R.I.P. Kennith

September 10th, 2009

My cat of 14 years passed away Monday. He was old for a cat, and had a lot of issues these past four years, and seemed really sick as of lately. So, I realize that it is a natural thing and probably for the best, but still sad.

He was so cute when I got him. This tiny ball of fur. He was always very round and had big paws. By the time he was an adult he was over 20 pounds. A very big guy.

And very cuddly. I remember in college between classes, I used to come home and snuggle with him in my bed. He always loved to be petted and cuddled.

He had really long hair that was really pretty, but it matted up all the time, so he usually had his hair shaved once or twice a year in a really cute lion cut. He felt like a velvet teddy bear when he was finished. I loved petting him then. But Maude, our other cat, never seemed to recognize him right after. She would hiss at him and hide from him for days.

Anyway, it was Kennith’s time. I felt like his life wasn’t as great as it once was. We’ve had to relegate him to living outdoors and in the garage these past few years, because we just couldn’t stop him from going in the house.

But I’ll miss Kenny. He was here a long time and I’ve learned a lot about responsibility and having pets from him. So, here’s to you Kenny. I’m glad we got to share our home with you for so long. R.I. P.

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