Missing Ella

April 30th, 2008

Today was one of those mornings I wish I was a stay at home mom. Ella got up before me so instead of getting myself ready then getting her up I had to find a way to get ready with her. She was really enjoying cuddling with me and watching Between the Lions, this cute Sesame Street-esque show on PBS. So I thought I would turn the show on in our bedroom and have her sit with her daddy while I got ready. She really wanted me though. And she was a little fussy on the way to the sitters. And once she got there, she still seemed to cry a little and hold out her arms for me. Heartbreaking. Like I said yesterday she’s getting new teeth so she’s just not 100% I think. I would definitely stay home if I thought she was really sick, but I don’t think she is. And she was probably having fun playing two minutes after I left.

Yesterday when I took her to the sitters she ran right over to the other kids. She seemed so excited to see them. On days like that I think the social aspect of being there is so great for her. And I think she gets bored around our house with just me sometimes. But then there’s days like today …

Too bad I can’t just can’t have an endless amount of vacation days to stay home on days like that. Or on really sunny days. Again this week it’s going to get up to 70 during the week, then be low 60s during the weekend. Shoot!

Anyway, she was a little crazy last night at home. She seemed really hard to please. And she did not want to wait for dinner to cook. I gave her a pot and wooden spoon. That kept her happy for awhile. Then Steve said “How about I put some water in there for her?” I said “Sure! If it will keep her happy!”

Well, I think he put a little too much water in there. Soon the floor was covered with water and so was her bottom and the bottom of her dress. Now I’ve got a wet floor, a wet baby and I’m still trying to cook dinner. Thanks, honey.

Later that night Sara came over to watch Idol. Love our weekly Idol night. By the way, she sent me a link to a story about Idol’s ratings falling possible because of their outdated song choices — I guess I’m not the only one irritated by this. And last night was no different – but if I could pick one star from the 70s?, 80s?, it might be Neil Diamond, so I was happy with that at least. David Archuleta was surprisingly upbeat – he did pretty well. David Cook was OK. He didn’t blow me away, but he’s done so well in the past I think he’ll be fine. Brooke’s first song was all wrong, but her second was my favorite of the night. Cute boy with the dreadlocks and Syesha were kinda boring. I think one of them are going home.

More teeth and ANOTHER cold

April 29th, 2008

This weekend really had its ups and downs. First I was so mad it was grey and cold after a week of beautiful weather. Still we kept our plans of going to the Kendallville city garage sale at the fairgrounds. It was supposed to be really big this year and I have been on the lookout for any kinds of outdoor kids toys. I scored a collapsable tunnel at a garage sale on Friday for $2! I’ve really been wanting some kind of little plastic playset to deter Ella from our big playset that is way too high and dangerous for her yet. And do you know how much the little plastic playsets are? Usually around $130 for basically a tiny slide and stairs with a little platform at the top. Maybe a telescope or something. Seems overpriced to me.

Anyway, we get ready and Steve said he’s changed his mind. He’s not going. I finally convince him it would be fun – which never starts me off in a good mood.

Then as Ella’s sitting in the front play room I go out the front door to put a few things in the car and when I come back in and close the door a picture frame falls of a shelf on the wall and shatters, just about a foot from Ella. This scares me to death. And when you have glass break and a toddler you have to be sure to clean up every single little bit. So after that, I take Ella out back to play for a minute. She’s just dying to go outside. I had been putting it off since it’s so cold. But I give in. And while she’s running around I decide to wind up the hose. As I wind it up out comes a big gush of water, all over my pants. Uugh. After blow drying it with a hairdryer for five minutes we finally take off.

It was really cold at the garage sale and they didn’t have much that we were looking for, but we did get a really cute little play pizza set for $3 that Ella has already gotten our money’s worth out of.

So we went home and relaxed the rest of the day, but Steve and I were just irritable. It was gloomy and everything he was doing was getting on my nerves. And when Ella had stinky diaper number three, I said, “it’s your turn.” He argued. And I insisted I had just done two and it was clearly his turn. Then Ella came near me and Steve threw a box of wipes to me and said “she’s near you, so why don’t you just do it?”

This was the final straw. I needed a time out. I walked straight upstairs to our bed where I layed watching tv, reading and then closed my eyes for the next hour or so. It was exactly what I needed. I was utterly exhausted. But Ella started looking for me and that was OK, I was ready again. And this time Steve layed down. It must have been about 5:30 p.m. And he went to sleep. And didn’t get up until about 10:30 the next day. Yes, he slept about 17 hours. I guess we were both a little more than tired, huh?

The rest of the weekend looked up from there. Obviously exhaustion was a big part of our weekend starting out rough. The weather was even a little better Sunday, so we played outside. Ella climbed in and out of her tunnel and her car and pushed her little lawn mower. She’s been a little off though. She wants to be held a lot more when she’s not feeling great. And I can see two more teeth coming in on the top and have noticed she’s drooling a lot. She’s teething again. Poor girl. She also started getting a runny nose this weekend. And so did I. And mine’s turned into annoying sinus headaches. I hope she doesn’t feel like that.

Anyway, during her first nap I ran a few errands, part of which was searching for a playset for Ella still. I didn’t get anything.

And when she napped for a second time Steve and I moved our new patio set in our screened in porch. Our outside area is looking really nice and I’m so happy we have a nice place to let Ella play. I even got online and ordered a little playset.

Then that night when Ella went to bed I made us each a margarita and prepared some chips and bean dip and we watched the movie Walk Hard. It was pretty funny. It was a good way to end our weekend too.

Ella and I had a really good day Monday too. Went grocery shopping. Took Kennith, our cat, to get his hair cut. (He gets dread locks that will not come out). Then we just played around the house. Poor Kennith though. For some reason Ella’s all over him more than ever. At one point, Steve said she was hitting him with a wooden spoon. Usually she’s grabbing his ears or pulling on him. And he’ll swing at her with his paws. He’s been declawed but I can’t believe it doesn’t scare her. Instead she thinks it hilarious. At least it’s got her mind off those painful teeth …

Looking good in the summertime, the fashion post

April 26th, 2008

There are already a few outfits I wish I would have photographed, but I think we have a variety here at least. My friend Karly mentioned seeing the clothes I had bought for Ella in one of my posts. So, here is the fashion post. Maybe I’ll do another one later on.

Also, sometimes there’s too much light, sometimes not enough. Sorry. I have a hard enough time getting a picture of her while she’s still for one second I often can’t control those things! Anyways…


Some summer jammies …


These with the pigs on them are my favorite though.


What’s cuter than a little girl in a dress?


Maybe a little girl with a skirt and sunglasses.


These shorts have little ties at the bottom that I love.


Cargo pants are so good on the cooler days.


Love this dress our friends Paul and Erika got Ella for her birthday. And excellent with tights.

Hope you enjoyed! I usually don’t go too nuts with clothes, as we get great hand-me-downs from Aunt Sara and cousin London, but summer girl clothes – ridiculously cute.

The beauty of an empty inbox

April 25th, 2008

My husband wrote a post a while back (yes, we’re a two-blog family – actually he has many blogs, that’s a whole story on its own) about a new approach he was going to take at keeping his e-mail inbox empty at work. (Steve’s post here) Interesting, I thought.

My method at handling my onslaught of incoming e-mail goes something like this. If it’s something quick I’ll respond to it, but I don’t delete the e-mail. I always fear I’ll need to look back on it for some reason. If it’s something that takes longer than a minute of time, I’ll flag it so that I’ll notice it and follow up on it later. Sometimes I forget though. If it’s really important, I’ll write it on my to-do list hanging on my bulletin board. I also have a few folders that I’ll move certain e-mails into. I get a lot about Family magazine, so it has its own folder. So as you can see, I don’t delete e-mails. And procrastination is the cornerstone of my method. Once in a great while I’ll go back through and delete some e-mails, but it’s always so overwhelming I stop after a while to move on to something else.

I always thought I had a good reason for my method though. I have a lot of deadlines to meet throughout the week and some have a really quick turnaround. If I stop and respond to all the e-mails, it will a. interrupt my thought process and b. possibly make me miss a deadline.

But just recently my email has been moved to another computer. Aaaah. A clean slate. It’s so refreshing to not see a list of thousands of messages just waiting for my attention or that I’ve possibly fallen behind on. So, I’ve decided to take Steve’s approach. I started last week actually.

And I have to say, it’s awesome. I just feel like it’s taking me so much less time to just tackle these issues right when they come up instead of going back to them and trying to remember what they were all about in the first place. If they contain a photo or a story, I move them into the correct place on our work servers first. Then after I’m done, I delete them. My inbox is usually completely empty now. It’s so much less stressful!

Interesting idea huh? Taking care of things right away instead of procrastinating? Who knew? Well, it sounds obvious now that I mention it, but it seems pretty profound to me.

Well, I gotta go, I got an e-mail.

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