Up all night

November 8th, 2011

I’m having another allergy night in which my nose runs like a faucet, my throat hurts, my eyes sting. So, I’m watching TV at four in the morning. I’m going to need a lot of coffee in the morning.

Ella has a dentist appointment tomorrow. On Saturday her front right tooth started becoming discolored. It looks grey. She slipped in the bathroom a few weeks ago and hurt her mouth, so there must be a dead nerve now. I hope the dentist somehow has some good news for us! I’ll hate it if she has to go through a root canal or something.

We have such a fun weekend coming with my sister coming for a visit. Get togethers and all friends and family for about 5 days. I’m trying to focus on that instead of my woozy head and dental problems.

OK, need more hot tea ….

Halloween 2011

November 3rd, 2011

Excuse my photos. They are going to be quite low-res and grainy. I emailed myself small versions because I’m not patient enough to email 10 large photos. I need to get iCloud up and running, but that requires purchasing the latest Mac OS … ok now I’m really boring you.

Zoo Halloween: My dad pushes along my little doggie and the Queen. We do this event every year.

Boo chain letter: I got this letter on my front door inside a little Halloween gift back with some treats. I thought the idea was sweet so …

Ella created her own Boo card to give to a neighbor. Notice it reads “Pass Boo Around.” She insisted we take one over to “pie girl’s” house. (We bought a fundraiser pie from a little girl down the street but obviously we still don’t know her name.)

Two other moms and I planned and ran Ella’s preschool Halloween party. My friend April made these really cute snacks. And healthy. Crackers and pretzels filled with peanut butter and topped with raisins.

The party is underway. There were snacks, storytime, a craft, and games, sort of. Ella and I actually planned and created the games but our time was very limited and the games got cut. Poor Ella burst into tears at the party upon realizing it. I’m still heartbroken thinking about it. Luckily the other moms kept their kids at school a little longer to play the games with Ella.

I was up since 4 that morning with allergies so I’m a haggard looking Dorothy. But witch lady April is sure cute!

Actual Halloween day. Trick or treating at Aunt Sara’s with cousins. Ella’s such a big girl now she ran way ahead of us with her older cousins. I pushed Eva in a stroller until she decided to walk herself. They both did a good job. Very polite.

The Queen and bee. (Eva decided she did not like her dog costume. Luckily we have backups!)

By Halloween Ella’s purple basket was filled to the brim.

Apparently whoppers are not very popular. I had a lot of those left. I have since take care of that problem mostly.

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