Productivity, rest and play: A perfect Saturday

December 17th, 2011

Ah, balance is kinda a joke when you have kids and work and a house to take care of.

But today is one of those magical days where I got so much accomplished and had time to relax. Laundry, house cleaning, a yummy lunch my kids ate, a zumba class this morning — maybe that’s where all the energy came from.

And now I’m spending some needed couch time while everyone else naps or relaxes too.

And tonight, dinner with friends! I had to write about this day before I forget it exists.

Keeping up with Christmas

December 16th, 2011

Christmas cards: Mostly sent. Still need a few addresses.

Gifts: Mostly bought, just need a few odds and ends. More than half wrapped.

Lights and outdoor decor: Still not up. Should have asked Steve to do this before he left town for two weeks. Shoot. I’m dying to see our kids light up when we put up all the tacky fabulous lights and decor I bought on clearance last year.

Preschool Christmas pageant: Tonight! Ella gave us a little sneak preview last night. Can’t wait.

Fun Christmas activities for kids: Arthur Christmas movie, check. Breakfast with Santa, check. Alice in Wonderland play, check. Windmill Winter Wonderland, check. Christmas Greeting Card Light tour, need to do! Franke park light tour, need to do!

Get a babysitter and go have a pint of beer to congratulate ourselves for all our work: this weekend! Woohoo!

Christmas card outtakes

December 11th, 2011

It’s not easy getting a good photo of two squirmy girls. Here’s a few I passed on for this year’s card.

So Eva

December 10th, 2011

Steve took these photos of Eva and I think they really capture this crazy girl’s ornery but sweet personality. And some of her most common expressions.

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