End of summer

August 2nd, 2012

School starts in less than 2 weeks. I’m about ready. The troops are getting restless.

Yesterday Eva just flat out threw her plate on the floor when she didn’t like the meal I had prepared. Oh. My. Gosh.

Tuesday at gymnastics, Eva spilled water on her leotard (no she is not actually the one in gymastics, she just wears one for fashion purposes), so she insisted she change. (I don’t know why kids suddenly make the leap between happily being covered in food stains, to needing to completely change when they get a drop of water on them, but they do.) So I took her to the car to discover all I had was a change of clothes for Ella, and an old birthday hat that she insisted on wearing. She couldn’t keep the pants on so I was then the crazy lady with a kid with an oversize shirt, no pants and a birthday hat.

That same day the kids got into a heated argument about whether poisonous snakes would get into the car if Eva rolled down her window. Ella was the main instigator in this fight. I think her new favorite summer pastime is getting her sister mad.

So, yeah, I think we’re ready for SCHOOL. Earlier bedtime, nightime, structure, homework, one-on-one time with my rowdy toddler. SCHOOL. Let’s do this.

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