Help needed: Maid and caterers

November 25th, 2008

The holiday stress just hit me. Today. Not so much the gift buying. We have knocked three off my list. And while we still have a good dozen to go, half of them are kids – and we like toy shopping. And I think we have some ideas for the adults. I even have a couple dates planned to go shopping with my mom. So not really worried.

It’s the hosting that’s giving me a knot in my neck.

I had my good friends come this weekend. One came for about 3 days with her son and the other came with her family of five for dinner on Sunday night. It was really fun. They make having three kids seem easy. The oldest, at 4, seems so much more mature than a toddler. Then the nearly three-year-old seems to play with her or by herself and then the little baby is so content letting anyone hold him. The two-year-olds, now they were another story. Constantly fighting over toys. And let’s just say I’m really, really glad crayon comes off a flat screen television and off of walls.

And we had company last weekend and we have several more gatherings we’re hosting this year. The cleaning is a big part of the problem. It’s so hard with a toddler. While I’m cleaning the living room, she’s messing up the kitchen. While I’m cleaning the kitchen she’s messing up the living room. It’s ideal to do it during her nap, but I do actually have some other things to take care of daily like my job, laundry, oh yeah, and we like to eat too.

And it’s not like I’m trying to be Martha Stewart either. I’m not aiming for a perfectly clean house these days. I just don’t want 3-inch dust bunnies, piles of dishes or rings around the toilet.

So how do people get through the stress and still be hospitable? I’m thinking there are going to be many lists, which I’m sure my wonderfully nice husband will help me with:) I’m thinking I may need to go get that free massage I won a few weeks ago, even if I have to drive 30 minutes. I’m also thinking I may need to rent a movie that I like and shut the bedroom door and watch it, uninterrupted. And I’m not going to break my budget either… I’ll ask people to bring some items.

And maybe I need to just focus on some things I’m thankful for. Maybe that’s really why Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, so we don’t lose ourselves in the madness. Hmm … sounds like a good blog topic to me.

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  1. Grace Housholder on November 26, 2008 11:31 am

    Be sure to have people bring the food. Opening your home for guests is a big job in itself and I think guests are happy to make their favorite dishes and bring them to share. It really, really helps to have the food brought in! And remember people didn’t come to see a clean house. They came to see YOU! But yes it is sooooo hard with lots of little ones around. The main thing is get enough rest. If you are not too tired it will be tons of fun!! Remember, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! :-)

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