In the groove

February 16th, 2010

We’ve had a great last couple of days. I think the key is being busy and getting out of the house everyday. I think Ella is at an age where she really needs more stimulation than she gets at home. And I can tell she’s happier too, because she behaves better.

Yesterday we went to storytime at Barnes and Noble, then to a toddler area and lunch. Lots of moms showed up so I had a lot of company and there were a lot of little girls Ella ran and ran with. Today we went to another storytime at the library and Ella was really good. Once she reached over a lady to get a book and said “Excuse me.” The lady couldn’t believe her good manners. I was so proud of her!

During storytime Ella sits right up front and talks more than anyone else. I think she is one of the older ones – it’s for 2-year-olds and she is nearly 3. Anyway, today the teacher read a book about a dog who got a ball for Christmas then asked the kids if any of them got a ball for Christmas. Ella said “No, I did not! Because I am not a dog!”

I went to the gym last night and I am a bit sore. I love it though. Now that I have two kids it’s hard to get any “me” time, so it’s nice to just go out and do something by myself. And all the cardio machines have their own tvs. So I can watch the show I want. Uninterrupted. I did a half hour on the bike just so I could finish watching The Office. Who knew that was the motivation I needed.

Well, I go back to work this week. I’m not dreading it as much as I did with Ella because this time I’m working way less hours, so I’ll still have lots of time with the girls. And they’ll have fun with the other kids. It is more work getting all three of us ready in the morning though. I think I’m going to need like 2 hours to feed them and get us all dressed.

Well, I better get to it … nearly time to get dinner ready.

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