Nack! Nack!

August 21st, 2008

I actually wrote a really long post about how Ella’s nap schedule is totally haywire and I don’t even know when to leave the house anymore or if she’ll take one three-hour nap or two one-hour naps, but then my Internet connection went bad and I lost it all. So, we’ll just leave it at that, because I really don’t feel like explaining it all again.

Anyway, Ella seems to be doing different things all the time. Most recently, she can reach door knobs! And she thinks it’s just a riot to go in the pantry and shut the door. The other day I panicked when I didn’t see her and sure enough, in the pantry, and chewing a piece of GUM, with the paper on it. Ew, I think I need to do some more childproofing.

Also hilarious to her is when I go into our little “trash room” to clean the cat’s litter box, remove trash etc, she shuts me in there. There are no lights in there so I have to open the door back up right way. Then she shuts it again. And repeat. That’s what’s going on at my house.

She’s also very into crayons. Not coloring. Just the crayons. She takes them out of the tupperware container they’re in and then puts them back in. She carries them around the house, she puts them in her stroller and pushes them, she takes them up her little ladder and down her slide. They’re practically her best friend.

And her favorite word: Nack! When offered up a “snack” she gets reallly excited and says “nack! nack!” and goes to the pantry. And of course, shuts her self in.

In other news, we’re finally looking at lights to replace the one outdoor light the neighbor boys shot out. Now here’s our dilemma: Do we just replace the one that’s broken, for a small fee that our neighbors should cover, or is it the right time to upgrade our lighting to something nicer and more stylish, although it will cost 4x as much (we have 4 outdoor lights and one post that would need replaced.) Obviously we would still only ask our neighbors to cover the price of the one they’re replacing. The first one is the one we have:

The others are some that I prefer. But really, is it worth the money? The one I like best I couldn’t find, but you get the idea – clean lines, kinda modern. But the ones we have aren’t bad …. so I’m torn.

3 Responses to “Nack! Nack!”

  1. Misty on August 22, 2008 1:38 am

    Purely from a staging perspective, are the lights you have in need of repair or aged or dated? If so I’d say replace them all, if they aren’t then the next question becomes if you were selling your house would you replace them to sell? If the answer is yes, then replace them now so you can enjoy them and you aren’t just putting them on there as a gift to your potential buyers. If the answer is no, then it really just becomes a matter of money and if now is the right time, or if you’d rather wait and spend that money on something else. But, IMO if you really want to replace them and you have the money you should.
    So I guess after all that, my vote is replace them now, and only charge the neighbor for the cost to replace the original one.

  2. Dawn on August 22, 2008 4:02 am

    Replace. Something good should come from all that neighborhood drama. Maybe when you see the new light fixture you’ll be so pleased with your choice, you won’t think about those boys.

  3. Karly on September 5, 2008 11:29 pm

    What if the boys break the new lights? Then you’d be REALLY mad!!!!

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