Want to come over and clean my bathrooms?

January 24th, 2009

Good News: We found the one missing gamepeice- which means Ella did not ingest it. Woo hoo!

The bad news is I wasn’t spared from the flu. I thought someone once told me that moms are supposed to have some super immune system. Not true. Luckily it went quickly.

Ella and I went to our Saturday morning swim class. It was fun although the water was very cold today. We sat in the sauna afterward for awhile with our new friends June and Melinda. Melinda is exactly one year older than Ella. Melinda showed her painted nails to Ella and I realized that Ella is probably old enough to sit still still for that. So we did that this afternoon. Her tiny nails were done in about two seconds and she seems very proud.

Ella’s napping now and I’m basically wasting time because I told myself I would clean our bathrooms today. Ugh. I’ve been putting off a lot of stuff around here, like steaming the floors, giving the bathrooms a good clean … I feel like I don’t have an excuse now that I’m not working so much. OK, I’m going to go do it. I am going to a girls night with my sister and friends later tonight so I need to work now.

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