Zoo trips: Help wanted

August 26th, 2008

This weekend was packed full of outdoor summer fun. My sister, mom and SIL took the kids to the zoo on Saturday morning and had a really good time. There were no meltdowns, no overly tired or cranky kids. I think we timed everything and planned everything just right!

We left around 10ish – which was a good thing. By the time we left the zoo at 12:30 it was sweltering hot. But we fit a lot in. Did the logride, the older kids rode ponies – London pointed out her pony’s name was Jeff – let the kids play in a treehouse, hammocks, rode the carousel. I think that may have been the key to the kids’ happiness. They actually got out of  their strollers a lot and did stuff. And snacks of course. And we took their swimsuits to let them cool of in the water fountain at the end.

Afterward we hit Olive Garden. With four tired, hungry kids … but we all ordered immediately and things went pretty well. Grant asked me at the restaurant if my Wii Wii worked and if he could play it. It’s so funny to hear him say that. It’s actually just called at Wii, not a Wii Wii, I tried to tell him.

Anyway, it was a good day. Sara pointed out though that we have a really good ratio. With my mom’s help we have one adult to every child, so when more children come along, it may not be so smooth. So, we’re looking for recruits … maybe we can talk our husbands into going on those trips or bring an extra sibling.

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